Guri Hangang Park Seoul Rapeseed Flower Festival 2015 구리한강시민공원 유채꽃 축제

Sorry for not writing for such a long long time, forgive me~~~
so this is another post to make up my fault kkk
This post mainly will talk about the canola flower or rapeseed flower in korea they called it yuchaekkut 유채꽃
I search it online for Korean Canola Festival, but mostly all the blogs or website said that i can only found it in Jeju and Busan, i really want to see huge yellow field of rapeseed flower so badly andd..... taadaa after search it in naver (cant blame  google since all korean post it in korean based search provider) i finally found that in seoul i can see that pretty yellowy flower too.. which make me overly excited.

Based on the blog last year it was held in Banpo Hangang Park 반포 한강시민공원 in the artificial island named Sorae 서레솜and another one was held in Guri Hangang Park 구리 한강시민공원
since Banpo Park is nearer than Guri i decided to went there 1 week before festival. And when i arrived every bridge to the island was closed and it said due to renovation and it wil be done by the end of june which make me soooo sad during that time, but it didn't stopped me to search further and decide to went there 1 week after the festival because during the festival most of the picture shown the flower arent fully bloomed yet.

And finally.. finally i met my yellow baby. to reach the park you just need to go to jamsil station exit 7 walk and you will see the bus station just few meter straight from the exit 7. there will be three bus station and you need to keep walking until you find the G-bus sign and wait until bus number 1670 coming and its only 1 bus station to topyeong IC 토평IC and voila you will find your park.
For the way back just wait the same bus at the opposite way.

As you arrive in the park, you can feel the strong breeze coming off the river and the scenery is sooo beautiful.. its like a sweet escape gift out of my busy routines. Bounties of flower and faraway from the city what a natural healing place ^^ maybe i should go there again in the september when the cosmos flower bloom >.<

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  1. hello when was the perfect date (month) to see these canola flowers? thanks

    1. actually its start blooming now in the warmer area like jeju, masan, busan, and gyeonggi province and it will last until may, previously i can find small field of canola flower during autumn, but april-may will be the best time to see canola ^^

    2. oh thank you so i will try my luck to visit this place this week

  2. Are the canolas start blooming at this park this week? thanks,

  3. Hi there, 2017 canola festival will be held at 12-15 so i dont think that it will be bloomed by this week