Cafe Yeonnam-dong 223-14 카페 연남동 223-14

Stepped in to 2 dimensional world. That was my first impression when i came to cafe Yeonnam-dong 223-14, the sister cafe of YND 239-20 cafe. After it gone viral, the previous cafe space couldn't accommodate all the guest so  they moved to the more spacious 223-14 cafe. 
 The cafe is located in the trendy neighborhood of Yeonnam around 10-15 mins walk from Hongdae Station. It is located just beside Tuk-tuk Thai Restaurant. The cafe itself inspired by Korean TV series W, where the webtoon world clash with the real world. 

Compared to the previous building that can only accommodate 2 tables and small outdoor patio, this one is more spacious and had more tables as well as rooftop area. You are not allowed to bring your glass cup to the rooftop but you can bring the take-out plastic cup upstairs.

I ordered green tea latte 5.0krw and salty latte for my friend 6.0krw, if you intend to get your drink served in the illustrated mugs, you better choose wisely as some of the drinks come served in regular glasses. My green tea latte surprisingly taste pretty good, as well as the salty latte.

Overall i though the cafe was unique, with their very own charming, it makes a great spot to take some pretty pictures. Yeonnamdong is a relatively new area to explore compared to the busy hongdae so it worth a stop if you are in the area.

Cafe Yeonnam-dong 카페 연남동 223-14
Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 서울시 마포구 연남동 223-14
10 – 15 min from Hongik University Station Exit 3 click here for the directions
 Tel: +82 10-7252-8633
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

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