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A night in Osaek Greenyard Hotel

Osaek Greenyard Hotel with mountain view of seorak and river sound this place is a truly escapade for me, its known for their 'Holon Immunity Wellness' which revolves around boosting one's immunity,

Gangwon Supporters

Gangwon Tourism Organization has started recruiting online supporters, is open to foreigners living in Korea and who actively  use social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, etc.). 

application will be from december 10-december 24 2020 

click this link down below to apply!


Winter Day in Herb Nara Pyeongchang


Naksan Temple is located at Obong Mt, one of three famous mountains, with Mountain Gumkang and Mountain Seorak in the east of the Taebaek mountain range. The name of Naksan originated from Mountain Botanakga, where it is believed that Bodhisattva Avolokitesvara (Gwaneum) always resides and gives Dharma. This temple has a breathtaking scenic beauty of nature, the East Sea, with many sacred treasures and cultural heritages. 

Naksansa has been one of the attractive places, in gangwon province esp for its breathtaking view and  its famous legacies like the landmark statue of Haesu Gwaneumsang (Seaward-Looking Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara Statue is one of the largest statues in Asia), Botajeon, enshrined many kinds of Bodhisattva including seven other Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara such as Chunsu Gwaneum (Sahasrabhuja aryaavalokiresvara with one thousand hands) and Memorial Hall of Venerable Master Uisang, with records and relics related with his achievements. 

The temple is quite big and have some hike and low slopes you may need more than 1 hr to explore the whole temple. Its serene and rich of history i enjoyed my visit to naksansa that day. They also offering temple stay program click here for more info 

How to go From Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Yangyang Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus 9 or 9-1 to Naksansa