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Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm - Day out to escape the summer heat

This actually my third visit here if you have read my blog before i have written a blog post about this ranch before and youtube video as well so this will be like a still life picture of the visit. During winter its beautifully covered by snow but during spring and summer lush green trees just perfect to escape the summer heat. 

Spring trip to chuncheon

Last month we went to chuncheon province in gangwon for a day trip and since i'm craving for dalkgalbi and chuncheon is only one hour trip from seoul so why not? Chuncheon can be easily accessed by subway or itx. 

Hani Lavender Farm Festival 2019 - 하늬라벤더팜 축제

June is the prime time to catch lavender blooming from different varieties. Full bloom is usually on mid of June but you can enjoy this purple beauties for the whole month.Every June, Goseong-gun area in Gangwon Province covered with purple lavender field.

Fly in the sky of Arirang - Jeongseon - 3D2N trip (part 3)

This will be the last series of the 3D2N trip to gangwon province. For the last trip we decided to went to Jeongseon county. Located at the taebaek mountain range, it does encapsulates the clean region, the air here feels different than incheon, it was so cold when i went there but the warm gestures and korean "jeong" surely strong here. Jeongseon overflowing shimmering azure mountains and valleys provides a feast for the eyes. If you ever heard the Korean folk song arirang, here in jeongseon region all the locals seems to have deep affection and pride their hometown, this song reverberating everywhere, almost all shop named their's with "ari".