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Park Roche Wellness Hotel and Resort - yoga with mountain view

Park Roche is one of Hyatt Hotel chain that is renowned with its service. It is located in Jeongseon county at suk-am area in Gangwondo. Two hours away from Seoul by train and totally surrounded with stream and the mountains. 

Gangreung Must Try Dish - Dried Seasoned Grilled Pollack at Seodanggol Sanchae 서당골 산채 강릉맛집

The Hanjeongsik restaurant in Gangneung  'Seodanggol Sanchae', is known as a local famous restaurant in Gangreung. Its close to the Gangneung Station, and within walking distance from  Hongje-dong Orange Mart! Originally I had to get off at Jinbu Station, but due to some reason we endup arrived at Gangneung, we were so  hungry, so i search for a nearby restaurant and decided to came here.

Chuncheon vintage cafe and restaurant Gangnam 1984

  • I always love chuncheon small city in gangwon province, you can just use subway or itx and of course good for day trip too.