Park Roche Wellness Hotel and Resort - yoga with mountain view

Park Roche is one of Hyatt Hotel chain that is renowned with its service. It is located in Jeongseon county at suk-am area in Gangwondo. Two hours away from Seoul by train and totally surrounded with stream and the mountains. 
Park roche is known for its wellness program and its architecture. The concept of this emphasized on the harmony between humanand nature like how the silla king used to came to this area to have a well rest night. The hotel it self is build on the hill and very environmental friendly. We booked the hotel along with the wellness club and aqua club included in our package. We got sukam twin bed for our room and i really love their interior design.  They have a nice amenity and the room was clean. 

The aqua club is consist of sauna, korean style bath, spa, and swimming pool. Its clean, well maintained, and also they provide clothes dryer that i appreciate alot. The outdoor jacuzzi also available just outside the aqua club. If  you dont feel like dipping with stranger, you may also choose the private jacuzzi for 50000won. The spa have large window with mountain view too which is soooo nice and relaxing during autumn. 

as for the wellness programs you can check the timetable on their website here and even though it s included in ur room the reservation must be made beforehand, you can do the reservation 2 days before checked in. we had yoga and meditation which is soooo refreshing. I have not doing yoga for quite sometime and i feel like i lose all of my flexibility but im glad we decided to do it again maybe i will try to do it more often. i really recommend you guys to bring ur own snack or anything since almost nothing nearby the hotel and of course you can buy at the convenience store at the basement of the hotel too. 

How to go

No english site ever explained how to go to park roche with public transportation other than taxi, i did a lot of research for you guys  so here it is :) 

from seoul to gangwon you can use ktx to jinbu station (odaesan ) and then take wawa bus from the station until park roche (suk-am bus station) the bus will be departing from jinbu station at 9am, 11am, and 1pm so make sure your train arrived at jinbu station before wawa bus departed (3000 krw)

It will takes around 30 mins and just tell the bus driver you will stop at park roche before scan ur transportation card.

Hope it helps :)

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