Hani Lavender Farm Festival 2019 - 하늬라벤더팜 축제

June is the prime time to catch lavender blooming from different varieties. Full bloom is usually on mid of June but you can enjoy this purple beauties for the whole month.Every June, Goseong-gun area in Gangwon Province covered with purple lavender field.

Hani Lavender farm, hold their annual lavender until 23 June 2019. They have a lot of activities during the festival such as extracting lavender, lavender growing class, making lavender perfume, pouch, and soap.
 I was visiting Sokcho and decided to make a round trip to Goseong for this lavender flower field, glad i did it! Even though it was full with visitors, i still managed to get few good pictures. (thanks to the rain that come at the right moment).

During festival and weekends lot of tourist bus offers day trip to the lavender farm but if you don't speak Korean, you might want to check here as they provides English speaking tour guide and also the cheaper then if you just went there by your own.

How to Go
 If you want to come here for the day trip i recommend you to take this as this is the cheapest one for round trip plus including entrance fee and sokcho tour too (45k krw)

You can also taking bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (동서울버스터미널) to Ganseong Terminal (간성 터미널) - 21.1k krw for one trip and take taxi to hani lavender farm - 11k krw for one trip.
If you are coming from sokcho like me, you can use intercity bus from sokcho intercity bus terminal (속초시의버스터미널) to ganseong (간성)terminal- 3600 krw take then take taxi.
Click here for the map

Address 788 Eocheon-ri, Ganseong-eup, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea
Website : http://www.lavenderfarm.co.kr
Phone : 033-681-0005


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