Refresh Mind, Body and Soul with Forest Therapy at Jeju Healing Forest 제주 치유의숲

The sun already rise so early now, and we've had a fairly mild summer so far with a lot of rainy "jangma" period, but who knows what july will bring. I've just came from my trip to Seogwipo healing forest. The Seogwipo Healing Forest was made for relaxation and healing purposes to people in Korea. 
As we know Korean are famous for their ppalli ppalli 빨리빨리 culture, and somehow this also gives certain pressure in their daily life. So this forest are created to be enjoyed by anyone that want to have "forest healing" they even have wheel chair path, disabled friendly foot bath, and barefoot path so everyone can enjoy this forest recreation (read:healing) 

Being submerged in green forest color palette environment, succumbed to a feeling of relaxation and tranquility was a great experience for me. Our journey was guided by our professional forest therapist. The healing process started with tuning into our senses and opening up the the full sensory experience of being in a forest. Various sounds, terrain texture, smells of leaf, herb, petrichor - the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil, phytoncide - the substance emitted by plants & trees in the forest and the taste of fresh spring water directly from it source that full of minerals. It was odourless, tasteless, yet you feel fresh after drink it. 

Every tree, mosses and stones surrounding us that i touched which each featured a different feel. Following a walk through the forest path, there are many relaxation area where visitor can sit or lay down and listen to the birds chirping sound, feel the fresh aired breeze, and experience relaxation. Almost all of the wooden based material there made out of hinoki cypress tree - pyeongbaek namu 평백나무 in korean. 

The citrusy fresh smells released by this tree called phytoncide did induced the happy mood while lowering the stress hormon! it did helped to heal the body and mind, can’t get enough of it! Because we register for the healing therapy program we can order the Healing Lunchbox 치유도시락 ! Its a fresh local foods made by local villagers served in the bamboo woven basket. I personally love the abalone it seems like it just blanched with water but its well cooked, perfectly seasoned and didn't have those fishy smell, fresh and tasty! 

We also visited the healing center where every guest can test their physical changes like stress level, blood pressure, bmi, etc and have the program tailored to their needs. We try the short meditation with phytoncide aroma foot bath and end with delicious cup of jeju mandarin green tea. Its so nice!!! 

If you plan to visit here, please do opt for the guided tour which offers so much more than what you can experience on your own and also get opportunity to order those lunch box.

The ambiance is unexplained unless you see & feel it but hopefully i can share it with you guys in this video

for vr and  more info click here

Seogwipo Healing Forest
Phone Number +82-64-760-3067~8
Operating Hours & Holidays
       Summer season April - October Admission time 08:00~17:00 / Closing time : 18:00
      Winter season November - March Admission time 09:00~16:00 / Closing time : 17:00 Reservation
advance reservations / Prior reservation Allowed number of visitors per day : On weekdays 300 people On weekends 600 people (after this number is exceeded admission will be denied)

Programs Inquiries over the phone and over the homepage
 Charong Healing Table
 Forest Trail Healing
 Forest Healing Program participants - needs to be ordered 3 days in advance

Address Jeju-do Seogwipo-si Sallongnam-ro 2271
Website healing.seogwipo.go.kr/index.htm

for maps and directions click here


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