Fly in the sky of Arirang - Jeongseon - 3D2N trip (part 3)

This will be the last series of the 3D2N trip to gangwon province. For the last trip we decided to went to Jeongseon county. Located at the taebaek mountain range, it does encapsulates the clean region, the air here feels different than incheon, it was so cold when i went there but the warm gestures and korean "jeong" surely strong here. Jeongseon overflowing shimmering azure mountains and valleys provides a feast for the eyes. If you ever heard the Korean folk song arirang, here in jeongseon region all the locals seems to have deep affection and pride their hometown, this song reverberating everywhere, almost all shop named their's with "ari".

The sky walk is an u-shapped observation platform with the see through floor that's build off at the side of the cliff at byeongbangsan mountain, and of course its much cheaper compared to the zipline, 2000krw vs 40000 krw but in my honest opinion, zip line is super fun!

After finish all your activity just take the shuttle bus for free back to the meeting point, near the terminal. i went back to the meeting point and walk to the jeongseon traditional market to try the geondeurae  bab, its rice with circicum setidens which can be found all over jeongseon. I thought it will be bitter but it is not! it taste like spinach but tasteful >.< difficult to describe. Jeongseon also known for its beef but because i went there alone, no beef for me this time. 

even though  why i came here in the first place, but after finished my trip, i feel sad leaving this lil city, it was nice, beautiful city! The slogan of the city 보고싶다 정선아! miss you jeongseon surely suit this city well

How to go: 
For single trip: from Seoul take bus from Dongseoul bus terminal to Jeongseon terminal -  19200 krw
for the 3d2n: from gangreung bus terminal to jeongseon bus terminal - 10.200 krw

click here for the maps to go the shuttle bus meeting point
from meeting point to jeongseon market click here 

going to post the 3d2n brochure and itinerary too so please keep reading ^^

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