Little piece of haven besides the sea - Gangreung - 3D2N trip (Part 2)

Gangneung is the largest city in Gangwon province. Its a small city but have modern attraction and surely a good place to stay if you are in search for place to linger with experience that off beaten track without being too country sideGangneung beautiful layout right by the sea, its location right between east sea and taebaek mountain range advantages for various kind of activities. Gangneung also boast as center of winter sport for the next  2018 winter olympic.

Here are the to-do list if you are planning to visit gangneung.

1. Eat sundubu, trout and memil (buckwheat pancake)
Chodang dubu village in Gangneung is famous for its sundubu, if you ever tried the sundubu in the seoul or other area in Korea, then you must try sundubu in Gangneung! Its tasty, soft, and flavoursome!

Memil, is the another type of korean pancake that made out of buckwheat. Honestly i don't expect much when i tried it first but in the end i like it >.< to bad still haven't find good place incheon and seoul sells good memil.

Mountain Trout or 송어
Pyeongchang area known for it trout. Because pyeongchang have abundant clear water source and lower temperate compared to other area, mountain trout in this area have more nutrition and taste best when they're raw. I usually dont like raw fish because they tend to have fishy and smelly but this one my kind of exception

2. Enjoy various type of coffee while enjoying the panoramic beach

Here is gangneung people are so passionate about coffee, they love coffee so much. In gangneung coffee street, you can find numerous artisan coffee shop. They are all masters in roasting, grinding, dripping, and brewing coffeebean. Its pretty good to spend sometime, sits by the window and enjoy the view of anmok beach from the cafe.

3. Magnificent view of Sunrise at Jeongdongjin beach
Jeongdongjin beach known as the prime location for catching the sun first rays. Many of koreans came from faraway only to watch this phenomena everyday in the morning. Its quite cold in the winter but belive me the view is worth to see.

4. Visiting the time museum and sand watch park
the time museum and morae sigye park located near jeongdongjin beach. this museum have lot of scuplture and history related to time or watch. This unique museum was actually an old train that remodelled into the museum.

5. Paragliding

Pyeongchang is a good place for paragliding destination due to the altitude of Jangam and Balwang Mountain that rising 700m above the sea level make it the best choice for paragliding lovers. Even if you never tried this leisure sports before, you dont need to hesitate because they have tandem paragliding system which means you will fly together with the experienced paragliding instructors.

For paragliding reservation you can click here (korean)
free pick up and drop off from the pyeongchang terminal

Jonathan Paragliding
조나단 패러글라이딩
Gangwon-do Pyeongchang-gun Pyeongchang-eub jangdonggil 167
강원도 평창군 평창읍 장앙동길 167
Reservation and more info : +8233-333-2625
website: http://hp700.com/ (korean)

6. Afordable yet comfy Guest House.

Most of the hostel in this area charges 15000-25000 for single person per night. They even provide toothbrush, separate powder room, shower amenities and towels. The amenities offered will be different from every guest house.

Gangreung Guesthouse
Rates ; 25000 krw for dormitory type
lockers (+) powder room (+) breakfast (+)
reservation and more info: http://blog.naver.com/coffeemarina

7. 2018 Pyeongchang House
The pyeongchang house serve as the showroom for games preparation and teaching the olympic values to the visitors. You can experience 4d winter games or using the virtual reality system provides at the venue to feel the excitement of the olympic.

8. Play with sheep, handmade ice cream and well being pizza at euiyangji wind village

Here you can try to make decorate pizza, make ice cream from scratch and of course playing with cutie sheeps around the village

How to go
from Sokcho intercity terminal take bus to gangneung - 6300 krw
From Gangneung intercity bus terminal, take bus number 109 or 109-1 to Jeongdongjin
From Gangneung terminal to anmok coffee street take bus number 202-1, 302, 303-1(강릉항) stop at anmok hang (강릉항)

Stay tune for the last part of this series and thanks for reading ^^

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