Weekend Escapade - Sokcho - 3D2N trip (Part 1)

This post will be quite long so i will divide it to three different posts
Sokcho, one of the coastal city in Gangwon province, 2 and half hours from Seoul and make a good weekend gateaway.
Besides being a popular gateway, Sokcho used to be visited by the pokemon master, simply because Sokcho is the only place in South Korea where this popular app works. I recommend to departs early in the morning from Seoul so you will have more time in Sokcho.

1. Climb the Iconic Ulsan Bawi
Ulsan bawi is the six granitepeaks in Seorak Mountain range.  Each of them bearing 4 km width and you can see the spectacular scenery of Seorak Mountain, East Sea, Dalma Peak, and Hapsapyeong from the top. It takes 2 hours to the top but the view are simply breathtaking. If you dont want to hike, you can ride the cable car for 10000 krw (round trip).


2. Wander at the street of Sokcho
If you dont feel go anywhere, walk around the village and enjoy the sceneries also a good idea.

3. Catch sunrise and sunset at the Yeonggeumjeong Pavillion
Yeonggeumjeong literally means a pavillion shaped rock, that makes the touching melodies which refers to the melodies that created by geomungo when the waves crash again the rock. This pavillion is well known for the best spot for catching sunrise in the east sea.

4. Food tour at Sokcho Tourist Market and Fish Market
Sokcho is well known for its  rawfish, dried seafoods, and dalkgangjeong. As for dalkgangjeong i personally finds incheon's one taste better because its always served warm and not sugary, the sokcho version is more like sugar coated kind of fried chicken. Twigim - Fried seafoods are fresh and tasty. Another one that must be tried when you visited sokcho is the squid cheese steam bread (치즈어징오빵) this one is so good!

5. Explore the beach area
Its always fun for me to walk around the the sandy beach and playing at the sea, listen to the sound of the waves while eat some chicken and beer, cheers for the well spend weekend!

How to go
From Express Bus Terminal Gyeongbu Line - Sokcho (2.5hr) - 18.100 krw~
DongSeoul Bus Terminal - Sokcho (2.5hr) 17.300 krw~

Sokcho - Seoraksan take bus number 7, or 7-1 from the bus terminal across the 7eleven 100m from the terminal

Seoraksan to Seokcho Market use the bus number 7-1 and stop at Seokcho Gwangwang Susan Sijang

I will post the whole itinerary at the third post so stay tune!

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