Spring trip to chuncheon

Last month we went to chuncheon province in gangwon for a day trip and since i'm craving for dalkgalbi and chuncheon is only one hour trip from seoul so why not? Chuncheon can be easily accessed by subway or itx. 

chuncheon is famous for its book, vintage shop, and also its dalkgalbi and makguksu. We stop at Chuncheon station because we actully want to go to the soyanggang sky walk that unfortunatelly closed to prevent the corona. This sky walk is within walking distance from the station. We tried our luck to visit kim yu jeong station for railbike and visiting the rail train library and again.. we it closed so picture in the front of  it will work for now. 

Chuncheon dakgalbi (a sweet and spicy chicken dish) and makguksu (cold buckwheet noodles) if you only tried the one in seoul then you must try chuncheon dalkgalbi while in chuncheon. Wayyy better than the one in seoul. This trip i tried the grill type than the ordinary one and well i love it too esp the grilled deodeok root omg its just nice to eat with the salt and pepper dalkgalbi.

We order dalkgalbi set consist of salt and pepper, soy sauce, and spicy and sweet flavour. To be honest i hate ice with noodle and i never like it but this makguksu here is the less sour and not that cold just perfect!!! 

Our next stop before back to seoul is small cozy cafe owned by kind lady i the simple interior and their strawberry latte 

So that was our trip to chuncheon and hopefully we can back there soon after situation gettin better 

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