Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm - Day out to escape the summer heat

This actually my third visit here if you have read my blog before i have written a blog post about this ranch before and youtube video as well so this will be like a still life picture of the visit. During winter its beautifully covered by snow but during spring and summer lush green trees just perfect to escape the summer heat. 

It's located inside  daegwallyeong rest area so you need lil bit walk from the parking lot to the ticket booth then  walk up to get to the farm area. i personally love green and natural beauty of Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm. the landscape is always shifting and changing with the seasons. Its windy and cool here so its just perfect to escape the heat and humidity of Seoul. Please be mind that you will need to walk alott here and some area just pretty steep hills but soon after i met those adorable sheep i just instantly forgot all of the others >>.<<

The sheep feeding experience is the highlight  here during winter it will be at an enclosed barn area, where you get a small basket of hay, feed the hungry animals and then take picture with them but during may-october you can pull the grass and gave it to them because during that time they are allowed to graze outside for 24 hrs. 

Please also keep in mind that drone is forbidden here since it will disturb the sheep and another visitor (our drone also not allowed and need to be kept at the ticket booth)

It is not exactly convenient to go to the farm using public transport, but it is possible. 
When we went there we used ktx from seoul to jinbu and since we stayed at alpensia resort we used taxi to went there around 15000 krw. 
If you came from seoul you can take an intercity bus to Hoenggye (횡계) Intercity Bus Terminal, if you arrived at 10:30, 11:40 or 2pm you can take the red colour shuttle bus to the farm for free (taxi to Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm will cost around 12,000 krw) >> total cost if you use bus plus round taxi fare will be around 35-50000 won

the most convenient way is using private car or tour bus
-the cheapest one during winter along with hongcheon and inje for 45000krw here
-for spring they have cherry blossom package in gyeongpo lake here 
-and during summer with bongpyeong herbnara as cheap as 35000won here 

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