Gangreung Must Try Dish - Dried Seasoned Grilled Pollack at Seodanggol Sanchae 서당골 산채 강릉맛집

The Hanjeongsik restaurant in Gangneung  'Seodanggol Sanchae', is known as a local famous restaurant in Gangreung. Its close to the Gangneung Station, and within walking distance from  Hongje-dong Orange Mart! Originally I had to get off at Jinbu Station, but due to some reason we endup arrived at Gangneung, we were so  hungry, so i search for a nearby restaurant and decided to came here.

The restaurant is only open from 11:00 to 3, but when we arrived at 10.50, almost all of the tables are already reserved, we are lucky still got 1 table left. The menu is quite simple only three Hanjeongsik menu offered here . Seodanggol stone-cooked meal, Seodanggol sanchaejeongsik, and Seodanggol Hwangtaegui or the seasoned grilled pollack . I keep craving for Hwangtaegui after our last trip to hoenggui . For those who made a reservation beforehand the dish will be served soon after you sit. It took us about 15 mins to get ours.  
They even serve side dishes and fermented soybean stew, dwenjanguk. 

Hwangtae is made throughout the winter months from end-December to April the following year at Happy 700, Hoenggye, Daegwallryeong located at PyeongChang-gun, Gangwon Province. The story behind the making of the fish really interesting, Pollock that is dried during winter is rehydrated with gochujang (red chili paste) sauce and then grilled. 
In order to make hwangtae, it needs to be dried at windy and cold mountain area for 40-90 days, the pollocks fish are slowly dried by undergoing an uncountable number of days. Pollack meat changed into a spongy unique texture as the flesh repeatedly contracts and expands during the process. To produce best hwangtae, good climate conditions include intense cold, snow storm and freezing wind are all required. So if you come to gangwon this dish is a must try!!

All the banchan or side dishes also come in the free flow the owner kindly asked if we need more. All the dishes are superb and the price 12000 for more than 20 kind of side dishes is a great deal. Will you try this kind of dish while visiting Korea???

Seodanggol Sanchae 서당골 산채 

 Phone: 033-643-5158

 Business Hours: 11 am to 3 pm 

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