Winter Day in Herb Nara Pyeongchang

Located at the Gangwon-do Bongpyeong -Pyeongchang,  Herbnara is Korea’s first herb themed farm to open in 1993. It was chosen for “Forest and cultural system” field of 20 Ecological Tour by Ministry of Environment as a representative nature ecological tourist attraction. The size of the farm is more than 33,057m2 and more than 100 species of Herbs are grown. 

There are various themed gardens including Herb Garden, Cottage Garden, Shakespeare Garden, Butterfly Garden and Children Garden. Like Herb Island in Pocheon, they also have herb based restaurant and also various activities that you kind tried here. We went at the early winter when the weather already cold, all the leaves already fallen and no snow so its kind felt like an empty lonely spaces. I saw the pictures of it during winter with all covered in snow and it was so pretty! Probably gonna visit this place again in winter or early autumn again.  

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