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월요일은 싫어
토요일 밤이 나는 좋아... 

well im a big fan of weekend and this Romantic Punch's saturday night fever lyrics do influence me so much.. because im a graduate school student and i always work in the hospital everyday during the weekdays for me, weekend is like a precious day... My precious but i made the right decision and (jjaannn) another well spend weekend #imsohappy~

So, last saturday i went to the instameet that hosted by Ken from Seoulstateofmind, a blogger and photographer based in korea check his blog if you haven't he has a tons of cool and awesome picture. This is my first experience ever and  it was so interesting and fun,more than 50 people come up for the event and everybody from all around the world (may i say??)  It's  nice to meet new  people from different parts of the world for the love of photography. It was a huge amount of people and somehow i end up split into smaller groups when exploring the area, and guess what? our group, consist of me and another 3 people kind of lost? because we were playing too much? i dont know... kkk but we managed to catched up with the group... woohoo thanks to the ken's best guy friend upz... close friend?? LoL

As planned we started our route from the meeting point at  Hyehwa Station 혜화역 line 4  exit 2, and hiked up to Naksan Park 낙산공원 the camel hump like mountain, strolling around for taking the photographs and then go down for exploring the Ihwa Mural Village 이화 벽화마을, which have the cool painted walls and artworks around the neighborhood (we have lost around this area before). After that we leisurely walked down to the Cheonggyecheon stream 청계천 and the  Dongdaemun Design Plaza 동대문디자인플라자. And poof... thats the end of the instameet. 

I do really enjoy the instameet, i left my DLSR in Indonesia, so im only using my phone camera just like all of my instagram picture, it might not have a good resolution than the others had, and im just an amateur who need a lot of time when it come to photograph (who cares?). But during 4 hours of the photo session walk i do have a lot of fun, i had a chance to met those amazing and fun people, doing crazy pose and of course it make me feel little bit at ease, im not the only weirdo hahaha...

Thanks for anggie my new cute friend from indonesia too (yippie) that took lot of our crazy pose picture during the session, check her blog too Greysuitcase she has a lot of super cool picture in her blog. 

Lastly special thanks for Ken Lee as the event organizer. Let me know if there's another event like this in the future... 
And everyone let's meet again sometime, for some good food and chit chating?
See you~

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