To The Different 투더디프런트 Korea Dessert Cafe 인천구월점

Hi everyone sorry for not writing my blog for such a long time, im kinda busy nowadays with the final exam, report and some other kind of stuff that makes me delayed my blogging process. Since im busy, teehee i rarely go to seoul at the weekend, korean winter is so cold, dry, i prefer indoor activities so i can feel warm and comfy.

I went to the Guwol area in incheon for some charcoal bbq but in the way back home i seen this fancy cafe on the 2nd floor of the officetel which buy me in an instant because of the world dessert cafe stated in its name.

The cafe offers lot variety of desserts from bingsu, the korean shaved ice dessert(9.8-12.8), tokyo roll cake(4.8-18.5), ice cream macarons(4.8), cheesecakes(7.6-10.2), tarlets (5.8-6.8), and cookies(3.8), for the beverages there are coffee(4.1-5.4), bubble drink(5.9-6.4), frappe(5.4-6.4), juice and ade(5.8-6.3).  The price kind of okay for the coffee shop standart, we order mango banana bubble smoothie, custard pastry and coffee latte, they make it fresh so you need to wait like 15min for the custard pastry. The first pastry was over baked but it still edible but later they come and give us another batch of it.. Korean business service is kind of good huh?

Anyway its a good place to hangout, i like the cozy atmosphere, and the taste of the custard pastry is suits my tastebud perfectly maybe ill be back for testing the bingsu or their famous roll cake.

If you have watched the rain and krystal drama this cafe is one of the sponsor of the drama, (i knew it after saw the drama poster right outside of the entrance.

Have a nice day~

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인천광역시 남동구 구월동 1474-1 2층 Incheon Gwangyoksi Nam Dong Gu, Gu Wol Dong 1474-1 2nd Floor

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