Garden Concept Restaurant - Eunice's Garden 분위기 좋은 레스토랑 유니스 정원

Eunice Garden is a small village with Italian and BBQ restaurant, cafe and of course garden. Rather than usual the restaurant their concept was about maximizing the presence of nature in the interior so visitors can sit under the trees, or feel the nature while they enjoying their meal. I went to this restaurant around Early October, with my friend. It was located in Ansan, 30 minutes from seoul by subway.

I really want to sit at the terrace but since we came without any reservation no table left in the terrace area. But actually the indoor restaurant also quite nice. Because of the  garden concept, you can find tree also inside the restaurant, which make you feel dining indoors like outdoors >.<

 We ordered bbq. All of it are so tasty, the ribs and meat were cooked gorgeously, so tender, tremendous, and full of flavour.

As the sun goes down, the gardens lit lamp creates the romantic ambience.
This definitely a restaurant that worth to try if you come to Korea

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