Bucheon Wonmisan Azalea Festival - 원미산 진달래 축제

when spring is coming, there are so many festival held for various types of flowers. Other than cherry, plum, and peach flower, azalea is one of the flower that blooms during spring. It attractive when planted alone but when it mass planted in the mountain it became a jaw dropping view.
This morning i went to azalea garden in Bucheon. The festival actually held from 9-10 of April but because yesterday i have had just arrived from Jinhae, the city of cherry blossom's (i already post a few sneakpeak of my trip to Jinhae in my instagram) and i dont feel well enough to hike. I went there 6 o'clock in the morning but the ahjummas and ahjussi already there >.< 

Wonmisan is a small mountain in gyeonggi province located 30 minutes by subway from incheon and 40 min from seoul. Its only 167m, well feel like hiking actually. Haneul Park is far more tiring than this lil fella. So far this is the most closest and easy to access than another azalea's festival in Korea. 
From exit 2 line 7 of  Bucheon Sport Complex  the azalea garden can be easily spot with the help of the sign that directs to the garden since you are at the subway station.

I love the pink and lilac azaleas, it will last around 10 days after the festival, and if you want to see another korean spring-flower-other than cherry or plum flower this is the place that you might want to visit 

 Have a nice Monday~

for direction to the wonmisan 

"2017 Wonmisan Azalea Festival April 8-9"

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  1. hello.. aku dari indonesia. mau tanya, itu ngambil fotonya pake apa ya? difotoinorang apa gmn? soalnya aku rencana mau single backpacker an kesana. Butuh references soal foto2 nya. Mkasih ya

  2. Hi, pake kamera, aku foto sendiri koq, pake tripod :)

  3. hai, aku juga dari indonesia.. mau tanya, festival azalea ini hanya sehari dibuka ya?

    1. halo maksudnya hanya sehari dibuka itu gmn ya? itu hari untuk festival tiap tahunnya beda beda, tapi ada tidaknya festival kamu bisa pergi koq. malah kalau ada festival jadi riweh banyak orang gitu hehehe