Cafe Oz - One Piece Theme Cafe - Incheon 카페오즈 인천 동화마을 짜장빙수 원피스테마카페

Are you a anime lover? one piece lover? here in Incheon in the middle of Chinatown you'll find the anime-themed  cafe oz. The building was made to look like the fairy castle but totally look like a pirate ship from the inside.

 here you can also tried to pose like the one piece st. posterwith one piece character cap 

 they surely have amorous amount of one piece collection arent they?
 Actually im not one piece fan, and one piece isnt a reason why i came here, i went to this cafe for the bingsu honestly lol. you might been familiar with korean-styled chinese blackbean noodle a.k.a jjajangmyun (짜장면) here in this cafe you will found the jjajangmyeon bingsu which is made out of shaved ice and ice cream topped with red bean or chocopaste (ganjjajang - 간짜장) .
  1 portion of  bingsu max for 3 person 

From Incheon Station 인천역 (Line 1) keep walking straight around 5 minutes and turn right to the donghwa maeul 동화마을 (fairytale land)
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