Dazzling Light Sensation - D Museum Seoul 디뮤지엄 9개의 빛의 공간에서 펼쳐지는 9가지 눈부신 감성을 선사합니다

D museum is one of the art museum that belongs to daelim group. While Daelim museum and D Preject Space the siblings are focusing in the modern contemporary art exhibitions, D museum currently in its popularity with its inaugural exhibition which introduces the light art by leading international artists. This exhibition is comprised of nine separate rooms that contains artworks from various forms and materials.
Spatial Illumination - 9 Lights in 9 Rooms exhibition runs until 8 May 2016 at D Museum which is open daily except Monday, you might also want to check the website. The entrance fee are 8000 krw including coffee or you can buy ticket online here for more cheaper price.
Cerith Wyn Evans-Neon Forms  (picture taken from D Museum website
Flynn Talbot-Primary (picture taken from D Museum website
Erwin Redl-Line Fade (picture taken from D Museum website
Carloz Cruz Diez - Chromosaturation (picture taken from D Museum website
 Studio Roso-Mirror Branch Daelim(picture taken from D Museum website
 Tundra-My Whale (picture taken from D Museum website
 Paul Cocksedge - Bourrasque (picture taken from D Museum website
Dennis Parren - Dont Look into The Light (picture taken from D Museum website
Olivier Ratzi - Onion Skin (picture taken from D Museum website

I went there in the weekend and its soooo crowded the room guardian keep tellin us to go since so many people queue behind us. So if you plan to visit, make sure its not on the weekend. 

see how crowded it was >.<

Overall, despite of the palli palli 빨리 빨리 (they asked to keep moving in more indirect way of course ) that i hear almost in every room, i enjoyed the trip and managed to take some oh-not-so-good pictures there. If you search for an instagram friendly crowd pleaser this is the place that you might one to consider. 

D Museum Maps 

Have a nice april~

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