The Convenient Market - Donam Sijang 쇼핑과 먹거리 편하게 할수 있는 편안한 돈암시장

Donam Market, located in seongbuk-gu at line 4 Seongshin woman's university station was established at 1970. The market is quite easy to found. From exit 3 of line 4 Seongshin Woman's University Station make your way to the right of the exit  and go straight.
성북구 성신여대입구역 부근에 위치한 돈암시장,
돈암시장은 1970년대 조성된 상설시장으로 되었습니다. 4호선 성신여대입구역 3번출구로 나오셔서 왼쪽으로 조금만 오시면 쉽게 찾을 있는 돈임 시장.  

Here at the Donam Sijang even though its a traditional market and you still need to bring ur own cart, it is so clean, well structured. It even had the monitor to help you navigate the whole market! The market concept make shopping at the market more convenient and easier. Another surprising services that offered by dongam market is the delivery service that gives you delivery service for products that you bought there for free. I do really wish i have this kind of market in my neighbourhood  ㅠㅠ 

전통시장인데 너무나 깨끗하고 깔끔하게 지어진다시장 안에도 대형 터치스크린 설치되어있으며 시장 정보를 쉽게 찾을 수 있다돈암시장  다른 신기하는건 바로 배송서비스에요.
시장에서 샀던 물건들을 무료로 배송서비스 해드릴거랍니다. 
시장의 컨셉때문에 요긴 쇼핑을 쉽고 편하게 할수 있는 시장입니다. 
우리 동네도 이런 시장 있음 얼마나 좋은데요 ㅠㅠ

Every 2nd and 4th week of the months usually they hold discount events so make sure you check the date at the customer service center located at the market. The seller here are so kind, they even posed for me too! teehee
매원 2번째와 4번째주에 다양한 특가싱품을 판매하는 행사를 진행 하고 있더라고해서 날짜를 유념하고 상품들이 더 싸게 살수있을것같스니다. 혼자 사진 찍고 상인분들과 이야기 하는게 쑥쓰러웠는데 사장님들이 친절하게 해주셔서 너무 감사합니다

Another reason why i come to this market is for eat of course!!Donam Market is famous for its Sundae, Kimbab, and Gamjatang (감자탕) or pork back bone soup. I tried the mini kimbab at Gamikkomakimbab - 가미꼬마김밥  and Donam Sundae - 돈암 순대 which already featured at various tv shows, both of them are the recommended food when you visited this market. The mini kimbab was sold at 500won each and sundae for 4000 both are tasty. If you are in Korea and want to search a good place for eat with ur friend or family near Seongshin Woman University, this is the place that you don’t want to missed.

시장에 가면 먹거리죠?? 동암시장은 찹쌀순대김밥과 감자탕을 유명한다고하던데요 저도 이번에는 가미꼬마김밥의 김밥과 돈암 찹쌀순대 사왔어요김밥은 1개에 500원이고 순대는 4000원인데 둘다 맛있네요돈암 시장에 가면 꼭~~~ 먹어봐야됩니다추천합니다 

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