Sinpo Market and Chinatown Must Eat Foods - 인천 먹방 투어 - 인천에서 꼭 먹어봐야할 음식

Sinpo International Market is one of the oldest traditional market located at Incheon. It was chosen as the tourism market and became international market at october 2010  Its less than 15 minutes by walk to Chinatown.  Here you will find numerous interesting cafe's, shop, and restaurant inside the market. Near the traditional market is sinpo cultural street where the OEM clothing stores, mills, general and hardware stores can be found.

Sinpo market is a well known for having incheon local specialty dish such as Gonggalbang 공골갈빵- the chinese based hollow bread, Mandu 만두 - korean dumpling with various kind of fillling, Dalkganjeong 닭간정 - Crispy Sweet Sauce Chicken, and Hatba 핫바 - Fried Fish Cake  . 

Dalkganjeong - 닭간정
Of course you can also easily find this dish in anywhere in korea but after tried the various dalkganjeong in incheon and seoul i personally recommend this one in the Sinpo market as the one of the must eat food when you come to incheon. There is a lot of dalkganjeong seller in this market but the chanuri's was told to be the first one and  still the best in my humble opinion.

Sinpo Woori Mandu - 신포우리만두
Also one of the original mandu that still have the same taste since 1971. They also have a various kind of menu here. I recommend the meat mandu one though.

Here you also can find the recent popular soda that served in the lightbulb cup that you can take home with you. Dont forget to try the fishcake bar too
image courtesy of 박세안

Our next destination for food tour is Incheon China Town Chinese Restaurant YeonGyeong. This restaurant have been featured in various korean variety show such us running man, superman returns, and also have had visited by korean previous president too. Their four storey building with the chinese style exterior surely looks grand and full of chinese characteristic. 

The must try out dish here are White Bean Noodle - Hayan Jjangmyeon  하얀 짜장면and Glutinous Rice Sweet and Sour Pork - Tangsuyuk 탕수육. Different to the regular blackbean noodles - Jjangmyeon they use white bean sauce to make the dish. Tangsuyuk here also different with the regular one they use glutinous rice flour rather than rice flour as the coating batter resulting crunchier tangsuyuk. 

Usually if i need to choose between jjangmyeon or jjampong i will definitely choose jjampong but this one is an exeption. I love the it so much, it really exceed my expectation. The Tangsuyuk also taste good but i find the sauce is lil bit too sweet. But i love the jjajangmyeon so much.

Last but not least the gonggalbbang and mooncake shooping. Actually we still want to try the Shim Li Hyang 심리향 the kiln baked dumpling but they closed that night. >.<

How to Go
Sinpo Market
Dongincheon Subway Station 동인천역 Line 1  go to the underground shopping center exit 28 (recommended)
Suinson 수인선 yellow line exit 5 and walk around 300m to the market 

Incheon china town
From Incheon Subway Station exit 3 walk straight 

Recommended Itinerary
Eat at Sinpo Market walk around  Sinpo cultural street and walk to Incheon China town 

Sinpo Market 신포국제시장
인천광역시 중구 우현로49번길 11-5 (신포동)
11-5, Uhnyeon-ro 49-beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
sinpomarket.com (english, chinese,japanese)

Chanuri Dalkganjeong 신포찬누리닭간정
인천광역시 중구 내동 209-29
209-29 Naef-dong Jung-gu Incheon
전화번호 +82-32-765-1235

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