5 Must Try Korean Convenience Store Food

Korean convenience store are really good, it were scattered almost everywhere across the country, its not overpriced, open 24/7 days, and good place to eat Korean food when you are travel in a budget.
I'm not including the well known banana milk, buldalkbokkeum ramyeon or honey butter chips because maybe almost all person knew about that.

1. Dosirak - Korean Lunch Boxes

I like GS25 because of the variety of lunchbox they offered, i can even order the lunchbox that i want and get it there, surely make my life more convenient, they were range around 3000-6000 krw ($2.6-5$) depends on the amount and variety of the side dishes. The most popular one is Kim Hye-Ja's, Hong Chef''s, Baek Jong Won's and Shin Dong Yeob's Dosirak. Convenience store dosirak is the one you may want to consider especially if you want to save travel expense on food, because they are cheap, and tasty!

2. Samgak Kimbab

This triangular Kimbab is the one that love by korean student because of its convenience and offered in various kind of filling. The price for one samagak kimbab range around 700-990 krw.

3.Cup Noodles

When in the hurry or in the cold winter days, you can see korean people sit inside the convenience store and eat ramyeon. There are lot of flavour you can  choose, from the non spicy to the super spicy one. The one that i showed here heyroo cheese ramyeon can only bought at CU, but another popular ramyeon like shin ramyeon, buldalkbokkeum, jjawang,jin-jjambong, can be found at every convenience store.

4.Petitzel Sweet Pudding
Petitzel is one of the cj brand dessert product that gain popularity in desserts field. I personally like this regular custard pudding because its creaminess and well its not too sweet.

5.Big Sized Yogurt
Korean style yogurt is quite different than my country one, its more sweeter. I think thats the reason why korean like to put it in the refrigerator and enjoy the frozen yogurt like an ice cream. Of course they also have the regular size one but recently they got bigger and bigger.

so, have you tried any of the products that i mention here? whats your fave?

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