Boseong Day Trip - Boseong City Tour

Traveling alone sometimes can be boring and than travelling in a groups. Why? because ur travel will be more organized. I honestly admit im the kind of traveler who like to see the famous place but also get off the beaten track and discover the lesser known place without any guide to show them around. But the others like to see the really famous sites and well known places and take advantage of the packages. Well i guess it's ur own personal choice.

Well i have read a lot about city bus tour that you can hop on and hop off while enjoying the scenaries without have to worried about traffic, pedestrians,  all you have to do just sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenaries. Seoul, Incheon, Jeju, have been used this kind of system but i never heard Boseong have this kind of tour also.. If you have read about Boseong green tea field that i posted few months ago, this bus is the affordable choice for you if you want to go to another spots while visiting Gyeongju. 

The bus isnt functioning as the regular bus, so you will take the same bus and follow the route till the end of the day. The bus ticket can be purchased online at the website or you can buy it onsite at Gwangju Usquare but you can only buy the ticket if there is an empty seat available.

For only 10000 won you can go to several place in Boseong. At this moment they only have korean explanation for every destination,so i suggest you to search and read about every information of the travel destination beforehand.

First destination is Daewonsa the buddhist temple, and Tibet Museum where you can see and experience death like lying in the coffin >.< 

after that we visited the memorial hall and garden of Seo Jae Pil  the first korean-american educated medical doctor, i love the big gate and the garden near the memorial hall though.
another destination is general lee sung shin memorial place, here you can try korean archery with wooden bows and fake arrows of course along with another korean traditional games. 

We had lunch at what so called traditional market but other than restaurant most of the vendors didnt opened. We had greentea tteokgalbi - shortribspatty and galbitang-ribs soup, which are highly recommended. 

Beotjae, one unique tea house with the tea leaf structured building a landmark of Boseong city also a good place to enjoy the scenary while sipping to ur tea.

the last place in the itinerary was Yulpo beach with its random gift boxes which i found quite unique. Nothing much was really going on around us, we took a lot of group shots, not necessarily an interesting beach but from numerous couple, family and tents that build around the beach surely its a perfect place to just relax and chill.

I know that this type of bus isn't not for everyone, but within reason its quite nice too try this, travelling should be full of exploration even though neither of you can understand what the others is saying. >.< 

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Tickets and Reservations: Boseong Culture and Tourism Center +8261 850 5212
Kumho Express +8261 360 8502
online reservations: tour.boseong.go.kr

all photos unless otherwise stated are taken by me. Any unauthorized use of photos is prohibited. None of these pictures may be reused in any form or by any means, without written permission. Please kindly inform me if you wish to reuse these photos

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