Camellia - The Winter Flower

It's been a while since my last flower series in the blog, and im back with the winter flower.

Camellia Flower or 동백꽃 - Dongbaek Kkot in Korean or Tsubaki in Japan, camellia is one of the flowers  that  bloom in the winter to early spring.

This is not my first time to Jeju, i've been there for 3 times and most all of them in the winter but i never have time to visit this pretty lil lady - camellia. 

There are several spot in Jeju for taking a good picture of Camellia. 카멜리아 힐 - Camellia Hill from mid of December, 위미리 동백꽃밭 - Wimiri Dongbaekkkot Pat (Wimiri Camelia Field) From mid December to January, 동백꽃 담장 - Dongbaekkkeot Damjang (Camellia Fence) from early to mid December , 휴애리 - Hyuaeri from late November to end of February, and 신흥2리 동백마을 (Singheung2-ri Camellia Village) from December to early March. 

Aint it pretty? The fallen petals surrounds the tree made it even better at least in my eyes >.<

Address: Wimiri 927 Seogwipo-si Namwoneup Jeju
제주특별자치도 서귀포시 남원읍 위미리 927
Entrance Fee : 2000 krw

click here for the maps (korean) (gmaps)

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