2018 Silver Reed Festival 하늘공원 억색축제 - Autumn Postcard from Haneul Park Seoul

Its been long time after my last updates in this blog, and finally yes im back here with you guys.. For you who keep reading my blog during my silent period thank you so much guys i love you so much and in the future please stay and keep reading my blog ^^

I have been posted about Haneul park for few times here. I decided to make another post because this year kochia and pink grass (muhlenbergia)which are planted here instead of sunflowers. The pink grass and kochia started their popularity since 2 years ago in Jeju, Gwangju, or Suwon but nowadays you can even found this plants in Seoul and Incheon. You might found this grass almost everywhere in Instagram nowadays during autumn because of their popularity.

I went there during Hangeul day which is a holiday and yeah so many people were visited this park. But it doesn't mean that you cant take a portrait picture here. The festival will be from 12.10.2018-18.10.2018 but even after the festival but during festival you can stay at the park until 10 p.m and enjoy the light parade such as here

How to go:
From Seoul Subway line 6 exit 1, walk straight along the main road around 10 mins, across the street, keep walking until you see the stairs to the sky park.
For map directions click here.

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