Cafe Mula 카페 뮬라

Located in the small alley of Garosugil, this cafe location is quite easy to missed, hidden in a side lane unless you pay attention and look to the white small path leading to the cafe entrance. I was wandering around in hot sunny day and discovered their secret lane. I search for this cafe on naver and google it seems quite popular as one of must visit cafe in Garosugil.

Soon as you enter the cafe combination of minimalist facade, simple interior, lush green plants,  and natural lighting shines from the glass rooftop make a peaceful ambiance that i really love.

They serve variety hand brewed tea and coffee priced between 6000-8000 krw. They also well known for their king size tiramisu. I ordered Green Tea tiramisu and Grapefruit Juice. It was nice but again im not an tiramisu expert, just okay, creamy, thick, smooth, and velvety but again i'm not a tiramisu expert so i cant say a lot about this.

They said that this place is quite busy especially in the afternoon and weekend but since i went there in the weekday just a few hour after their opening time, the cafe is still pretty empty. If you are looking for nice chillin spot and also photo worth place in Garusogil, i would definitely recommend you guys to check this place out.

Cafe Mula
524-22, Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong, Seoul, Korea
Opening hours 10 am-10 pm
instagram @cafemula
From exit 8 of sinsa station walk  around 800 meters towards Garosugil,
click here for the directions.

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