2 days 1 night Daegu Slow Trip

Recently the temperatures have dropped and the air is starting to feel crisper. I do have a love-hate relationship with summer, so the end of it always feels bittersweet. Kinda full of regrets because i rarely go out and take picture due to the high humid temperature and again happy coz autumn with its colorful leaves are in season.

I had the chance to get out one last time with Korean Tourism and it was a perfect way for an escapade. Our trip started early filled with early morning train to dongdaegu station - daegu , play at nature park at spa valley, tried dalkgobsae for the first time ever, relaxing at the water theme park slash korean sauna spa valley, and had my first ever cheese tripe at anjirang.
So what make it really different than my previous trip? as what it written in the title,since i made the itinerary i made it as easy as possible, no certain timetable to follow, we just enjoying our self, basically we just eat, lounging at the pool, play with the animal at nature park, take pictures at the photo-zones, eat, and sleep. Living here in Korea with its palli palli culture, always full of surprised, fun, but also stressful, and sometimes it can be suffocating. I practically spend more time traveling than I get to experience in the destination before but for this trip i want to to experience even just a little bit of a new place rather than going to many travel spot in Daegu, including chilling in hot tub filled with hexagonal water.

Gukdae Dalkgobsae
We start our trip with warm bowl of rice with dalkgobsae, a hearty mixed of dalk 닭 chicken, gob for gobchang 곱 beef tripe, and sae for saewoo 새우 shrimp, you can choose the spiciness level here and i just love how it perfectly blend with warm bowl of rice, seaweed, and soy bean sprout. We ordered the set menu 2 portion of dalkgobsae with extra fried prawn for 28000 krw.

Gukdae Dalkgobsae
Addres : Daegu dong-gu dongdaegu-ro 460 1floor
phone : 053-755-5590
working hour: 10.30 - 22.30
click here for the map to the restaurant

our next 30 mins trip from dongdaegu station to nature park were spend as a silent moment as we both sleep at the car, in the food coma after our first savoury tasty meal in Daegu.

Nature Park 
Nature Park is the place where you can observe and feel animals and plants. I can say this is a relaxation space in the form of zoo and garden. Its located in the hill so some part of it needs lil bit of hike  They have several program such as dog show, bird garden, nature ecology room, squirrel village, as everyday running programs. We are eager for our dog show at 1 pm that day because me and my friend are dog lover but unfortunately we were told that the show canceled that day.

 The indoor garden, filled with various species of birds and animals, you may feed birds and all of there animal with food basket that sold at the entrance area.  Out from the indoor garden flower garden and squirrel village as well as alpaca garden can be found. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful nature park with ducks in the pond and diverse animals and plants.  Because its October they also held some special events for Halloween Day at Horror village all are decorated with skulls and scary theme props. Most of the outdoor waterpark are closed during autumn and winter but we tried the rubber boat activities in the pool as cheap as 5000 krw per person. it was fun!
Halloween Festival opens until October 31st, from 2PM to 9PM, and everyday events are open from 11am to 8pm.

Daegu Spavalley Resort Nature Park
Customer Service Center : 1688-8511
Address : Daegu Dalseong-gun Gachang-myeon Gachang-ro 891
Entrance fee: 15000 for adult and 13000 for children if you want an integrated ticket for the spa too you may want to check discount coupon here
click here for the map

Spa Valley
We finished our time at nature park, in the afternoon after lil bit of nap we went down to the spa valley, that located just few mins after nature park. Spa valley is known for its 100% spring water for its pool that claimed to relax and relieve ur tension while playing at the water. It was remodeled after the summer season and reopened last December. Buy your ticket on the first floor and then go to the third floor to change your clothes. Here the receptionist will also gave you one towel and shoes locker number this will be your locker number on the 3th floor too. Its better to charge some money to the locker key so that you can buy things on the pool later otherwise you need to go back and re-charging u'r key. You also need to shower before go out so don't forget to bring your amenities.

The second floor called Fun Fun Zone where there are Bathe pool, Children’s Pool, UK Ball Steam Room, and Traditional Dry Steam Room located. We tried almost all of the pool and the last tried the outdoor pool and it feel so nice after all the session, we did feel fresher


We finished our spa and waterpark session after 6 just because our stomach is given the sign that it need to be filled with food! We showered and went to the famous street in Daegu, Anjirang Tripe Street.

Anjirang Tripe Street
Trip to daegu wont be complete without trying beef or pork intestine. Anjirang tripe alley or gopchang alley is the place you want to visit for this. This is so far the best small intestine (gopchang) and large intestine (makchang) ever! There are 2 alleys dedicated to tripe, with Anjirang Gopchang Alley being the most famous area. What we ordered that day is cheese gopchang and spicy gopchang both are tasty but try their makchang too you will be blown!!

Anjirang Gopchang Alley
Daemyeon-ro 36 Nam-gu Daegu
Recommended restaurant to try -
honglim, seongju
click here for the map

Before we went back to seoul from dongdaegu, we went to westin cafe that i already post before here, and grab our lunch at shinsaegae dept store.

Paldo Noodle Kitchen 팔도국수 면주방

We ordered the galbi or ribs spicy noodle for 9400, and this surprisingly taste nice, if you can't eat spicy food, then the regular one will be good. The noodle texture, broth, and the galbi also tender and tasty. If you are near dong-daegu station, try this one.

address: 1506, Sincheon-ding, Dong-gu, Daegu,
Shinsaegae dept store basement 1
Phone 053-661-1720

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