Yongpyeong resort - Balwangsan Sky Walk

Yongpyeong Resort, surrounded by hills, during winter it's known as the biggest ski and snowboard resort in Korea. It is located at the foot of Mount Balwangsan in Pyeongchang Gangwon Province, its average annual snowfall of around 250 cm, Yongpyeong Ski Resort is an all-time favorite ski resort among skiers and snowboarders. The ski resort was also selected as a site for the Alpine Skiing event at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. 

I got sponsored for visiting the new opened  balwangsan  氣 gi  skywalk that build at the top of balwang mountain. During spring, summer and autumn like this when the ski is not opened yet, you may want to tried their 3.7 km gondola ride to the most scenic part of the resort, the Dragon Peak you can take in the magnificent views of the surrounding landscapes from the gondola.

Dragon Peak is a traditional Swiss-style building where the elevator to the "ki" skywalk, coffee shop as well as  Korean restaurant and steakhouse. the peak of Balwangsan Mountain, the 13th highest mountain in Korea. This is not my first time coming here, and during winter the view was also magnificent. The snow-covered mountains and a forest full of yew trees that can live for 1000 years is something i really love. 

Balwangsan named as the legend of mother mountain where the eight kings are to be born and the surrounding mountains are janggun-bong general peak, kal-bong the knife peak, as the accompanying subject of the kings. This Skywalk is said to be the place that rich with the energy from the  8 element of energy that made human body, sun, wind, water, air, star, earth, trees, and cloud. They also said that who came here will feel energized and refreshed after a visit. it was so windy and cold that day but strangely i feel so fresh after returned from the skywalk.  

You also don't want to missed the natural water springs that have four meaning. The stories said if you drink all the of it the wish wont come true, too bad i already drink all of it since I'm too curious if the flavor will be different turned out it just sooo cool and refreshing without any other taste kkkk

our room is located at the bless hill, quite big and have all of the cooking utilities, if you are family with small kids this could be the one that you want to choose, b1 floor of this building have all the ffacilities such as convenience store, restaurant, arcade, make it most convenience place out of all condo. at the night there will an illumination show near the fountain but too bad because of the rain we skipped it, so if you are in the area make sure to wear warm thick clothes while visiting. don't forget to bring your own amenities such as toothbrush and toothpaste because they don't prepared this esp during corona. 

How to go

there are various way to go to the resort, 

from seoul you can take an intercity bus to Hoenggye (횡계) Intercity Bus Terminal then take shuttle bus to the resort for free make sure to check the schedule beforehand. 

using resort shuttle bus from seoul by booking to this site


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