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Krave Beauty Skincare Review

Hi Guys, Sorry for the lack of updates here in the blog.
Been busy nowadays and finally find some time to write.
Today i will be reviewing products that i have been tried since their launch, i was sold to their brand philosophy and glad i did it because i love it ever since. Yes it's from Krave Beauty,  Kale-lalu-Yaha chemical exfoliator and Matcha Hemp Cleanser.

Cafe Mula 카페 뮬라

Located in the small alley of Garosugil, this cafe location is quite easy to missed, hidden in a side lane unless you pay attention and look to the white small path leading to the cafe entrance. I was wandering around in hot sunny day and discovered their secret lane. I search for this cafe on naver and google it seems quite popular as one of must visit cafe in Garosugil.

Gangnam Restaurant Review - Tokkijeong 토끼정

Tokkijeong or Rabbit Affection is one of the well known japanese fusion restaurant located 10 mins from Gangnam station. Its well known as trend starter of the cream curry udon dish, curry udon topped with the whipped cream. Sounds quirky? yeah but afraid not because its actually tasty and makes a good combination with the curry udon. Surprise not if you you cant stop scooping from the bowl. If you going here during lunch or dinner time prepare yourself to wait at least ten or twenty minutes to be seated.

Nonsan Sunshine Studio 논산 션샤인스튜디오 - an Instant Time Travel Switch

Mr. Sunshine, drama that set in the last decade of the Joseon Dynasty about secret Jeoson (the old name for Korea) resistance fighters struggles to protect their nation's sovereignty. Its well written, serious, and only have tiny lil bit of romance but somehow make me keep watching it till the end. When my friend asked if i want to visit Sunshine Studio in Nonsan im super excited. I never been to Nonsan before. This hidden city in the heart of Korea that might be lil bit too far if i want to spent my stay and what i always know is strawberries, just because they said its the best one in the Country. But like what i always feel in the rural area here you can feel people warmth and kindness more than if you stay in cities.