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Hera Black Cushion - The ultimate cushion

Hi Guys i'm back with my another in-love cushion foundation. As you know Korean weather is mostly dry and so most of my cushion have dewy finished and when i go back to Indonesia it became super sticky and melted after few hours because of its hot and humid weather.

Beachfront dining at SEASALT seminyak

One of many fun things to do in Bali is relaxing while enjoying good food right by the beach. But most of the beachfront restaurant however, either located in over-crowded area that have too many people to appreciate the serenity and whimsical sound of the waves hitting the beach.

Exploring Kyoto, a 3 Days Itinerary

Kyoto or  京都市 (pronounced Kyoto-shi) is serves as Japan Capital city and the emperor residence. Kyoto has around 1000 Buddhist temple, like the famed golden pavilion, Kikaku-ji, the Higashi Hongan-ji, and the most famous Shinto shrines, Fushimi Inari.  Thanks to its valuable historical background this city was dropped from the list target cities for the atomic bomb.