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Oh, Yeosu! The Romantic Maritime City

여수밤바다, 이 조명에 담긴.. 아름다운 얘기가 있어, 네게 들려주고파 
전화 걸어 뭐하고 있냐고 나는 지금 여수 밤바다, 너와함께 걷고 싶다, 이 바다를 너와 함께 걷고 싶다......
Yeosu's night sea, with its light that contain a beautiful story, i'd like to tell you.. ask what you're doing, as i'm at the Yeosu night sea, I want to walk with you.. along the sea, with you - Busker Busker Yeosu Night Sea

Those songs get stuck and keep playing loop in my head, the song that represent the beauty of Yeosu. It didn't look like much at the first time but as i spend the whole day at there i got the hidden beauty of it, sight not to be missed and at momentarily i agreed with the Yeosu slogan - the romantic city. 

A Glimpse to the past at Suncheon the 'Eco' City

Suncheon is well known ad the ecological capital city in Korea. Its natural ecosystem has remained completely untouched and globally recognized for its ecological value. Located 4 hours from seoul by train or bus (its really depends on the traffic conditions). Almost all main attractions here are natural attractions such as river, ecological park, or mountains. If you like non-mainstream place and want some healing trip this may be for you.

Hongdae Dessert Laboratory - Seoul 디저트연구소 홍대

One day i was wandering the streets of Hongdae looking for a sip of matcha latte and a slice of cake for boost my glucose level to the normal range after photo hunting session and accidentally passed this cafe named Dessert Lab, i think i have saw some of their desserts somewhere at instagram. They are famous for their cute looking cake. As their menu kinda changes little by season so yeah all i posted here might not be available during another seasons or vice versa.