5x3 Korea BBQ Restaurant - Inha University Backgate Incheon [인하대후문맛집] 오곱삼/오곱하기삼

Hi everyone now im back again with the resto around inha university backgate, 5x3 in korean its
오곱하기삼 or 오곱삼 (Oh Gob Ha Gi Sam ) which have the same name of their famous main dish.
오곱삼 (Oh Gob Sam) in the menu is an acronym, stands for 오 from 오징어 (Oh Jing Eo) or squid ,곱 from 창 (Gob Jang) are pork or cattle intestines ,and 삼 from 삼겹살 or pork belly meat, its mixed and grilled together in one big grilling pan, its actually served for 3 people so, you better go here with friends. Kidding you not the portion is so~ big well at least for the three of us. 

If you are not a big fan of intestines they also have the 불오징어-spicy squid bbq or the 고추잠겹-the spicy pork belly bbq. all of it cost 7.9 krw for one portion. If you want it more tastier you can order cheese fondue for dipping or mix it directly to the pan for extra 3.0 krw, or only a mozarella topping for 1.0 krw. rice, seaweed, kimchi, and seaweed soup is free flow and self service. you can also make fried rice with mixing it in the pan by your own.

Overall its a nice concept resto, maybe nexttime i will try to order the fondue 
Have a nice day everyone 

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