Korea Fusion Resto Chicken Tteokbokki - Inha University Backgate Incheon 봉실봉실 치킨떡볶이 인하대학교후문 맛집

Hi everyone, its getting colder after few of warm sunny day here in Incheon Korea, i've been craved for chicken based food for a whole week and finally got my chicken!! Hooray~
and whats more interesting is in this restaurant they have special menuthat mixed a boneless fried chicken with korean spicy rice cake dish called tteokbokki. Tteok is a korean rice cake made out of capsalgaru or rice flour and rolled into various kind of shapes, and this one is stirred with spicy sauce and some fish cake  if you already familiar with this, yes they usually sold at the korean street in the pojangmacha.

Its not so hard to find this resto with their doggie sign,i went there with my friend in the weekend and since its located in the university area its less crowded than in the weekdays, especially in the night. One porsion of chicken tteokbokki which intend for 2-3 person serving cost us like 11.0. Korean people usually eat chicken with beer or soju in the dinner time so its kind of crowded for the packed resto like this.

However i like the tteokbokki sauce not to sweet or too spicy and when mixed with the chicken its just taste right. Maybe if with additional cheese it will be a perfect sync.

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  1. Hi i really like your post and the cafe in korea is super cute and cool. May i know what camera did u use to take a pict?

    1. Hii ^^ nice to hear that all of my picture in this post were took by galaxy S5 yeah, lot of unique theme cafe here in korea