Mammoth Grill Buffet Korea, Sinchon 맘모스 고기부페 신촌점

This  time i will write about one of korean meat buffet chain, mammoth grill buffet, i've tried several meat buffets, selfbar 쎌빠 which is the cheapest but provide a various meats and fried chicken too, meat-ing 미팅, kind pig 착한돼지,  since they are like providing meat and a bargain. They are located around Seoul and well as other locations in Korea but i tried the one at the city hall area

It’s 11,9 for dinner or weekend and 10,9 lunch per person which is of course all you can eat. Based on my experience  the meat is of a pretty good standard, some is fresh and some is frozen they’re generally good cuts of meat. The side dishes and salad bar has a nice range of different things, and they are the only meat buffet that had fish cake 오뎅~~ im a big fan of fish cake.. do it yourself tteokbokki 떡볶. its not so far from the subway station its in the second floor of the building.
Overall  it’s well worth trying out if you’re in the mood to eat a lot of food

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  1. I really really want to try that but when we went, they are not there anymore :(

    1. upz really? im sorry about that i went there at february this year >.< i have no idea that they will close in 8 mo.. i will find out about that, how about try their franchise at jongno? my friend went there at september i dont think it will be close too, here the maps of the buffet just in case you want to try it hehe https://goo.gl/k8Mg4g

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