Honey Butter Flavoured Chips, South Korea’s latest obsession 허니 버터칩

Have you ever heard about honey butter chips in your country?
Here in Korea its such a bit hit snack, they are started to sell it for 1.5w at the early of september when i first come here to Korea, and if you buy 2 you will get another one for free. Well its only in the early of September,

Now, since its a very super duper high demand snack, many shops have sold out of the product, prompting people to hunt for the chip and vent their frustrations online when they can't find any.  For those lucky enough to find one, a bag of the chip costs around 2.4. And in online auction a bag of chips are going until 50... and im like whatttt????  There's even a smartphone app for hunting this chips so the users can locate where this chips are available in real time... just because this lil bratzie are sold out within 10 minutes of restocking the shelves NATIONWIDE~~

What is it? Honey butter chips is basically potato chips with acacia honey and french butter so it taste sweet and kind of salty at the same time... I ate this chips before its became too popular like now its 2+1 in my dormitory convinient store.. Honestly yes they are tasty, and after success with the chips, in January the company released the honey butter tong tong  which had the difference because of their triangular shape and have more thicker look. And  Jagabi Honey Butter Mailde, which is a potato stick and its so crunchy but with honey butter flavour

So if you want to try it.. just make sure to visit some convenient store and check whether you are lucky enough to try this lil taste of heaven hahaha
Ps. For Your Information convinient store in my University Hospital will have honey butter chips and tongtong in the different batch every wednesday and friday at 4 oclock but you only allowed to buy 1 bags for every 1 person

Have a nice day~

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