The Sun Hanjeongsik Korea Formal Traditional Meal - 송도 선한정식

Hi everyone,
this time i will tell you lil bit about korean food before i started my review ^^ please stay with me~
what i will tell you today is about Hanjeongsik
Sik 식 in korean language based on hanja character 食 which mean all things related to food
Han 한 stands for 대한민국 Daehanminguk or Korea
Jeong 정 means formal
Hansik is korean food or korean meal, and HanJeongsik Means Korean Formal Traditional Food.

As you all already knew that Korean meals always  come with a few complementary side dishes called banchan 반찬 and rice or bab 밥. You might have also familiar with the Korean BBQ and One dish meal aka ilpumyuri 일품요리 such as bibimbab 비빔밥, tofu stew 순두부찌개, cold broth noodle or naengmyeon 냉면, and etc. In the old days this one dish meal are considered as a quick meal that were used to serve peasant and less fortunate people whom couldnt afford the complete meal. And for the upper class they were consumed as a snack or part of a meal instead of the meal itself.

But nowadays Jeongsik also have another meaning, its like the modernized version of the old's one. Its not like a French course meal or Western fine dining course meal which serve one dish at time for each course while the previous plates are taken awat, Korean table has their own basic elements on the table and adding the special menu when the time is right, thats why the Hanjeongsik is extreeemeeelyy expensive, i saw somewhere around seoul serve it for like 300.000won for one person.. I kid you not, hanjeongsik is a more expensive meal than other type of dish.

This is my second time trying the hanjeongsik, i tried it before at kyeongbokgung restaurant but they are under the same group entas. 
This one is The Sun, the restaurant itself located in the Songdo City, Incheon with the Korean traditional culture that mixed in their architecture.
I can say its worth the price, the quality is different, the bulgogi and kalbi is so tender, and juicy, even their fermented bean stew is soo yummy.. well its something that you cant compare with the all you can eat bbq restaurant. Something that you can enjoy in the special occasion. 
Anyway i hope you enjoy it
have a nice day ^^v

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