Sushi Meijin - All You Can Eat Sushi Buffet 스시메이진 구로 디지털단지역 무제한 맛집

Sushi Meijin is one of the coolest sushi buffet here in Seoul. Located in G-Valley Mall near Guro Digital Station, they also have great option of chicken, pasta, udon, and well many more. If you have tried sushi O with their conveyor belt style, sushi meijin is more like another buffet resto they serve it in the plate and you can choose what ever you want. I dont see any time limit listed in their menu, >.<

dont forget to try their okonomiyaki and takoyaki too.. yumyum

Overall for its kind of expensive in the weekend but considering the quality of the food and the variety they offered i think it worth the price ^^

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