Feel the Traditional Korean Elegance in Royal Hanok Residence

While Britain had cottages, Hongkong with the microhouse, Japan and its minka, Australian queenslander, Alaskan Igloo, Russian its izba, States its ranch house in Korea the  iconic yet charismatic Hanok house.

As traveller i can give up the beachfront condo, high rise hotel to a traditional styled house, it gives me certain of rustic elegance feeling???by staying there. There might be some inconvenience for the first time or if you decided to stay for extended period of time., but it does worth when you see the value of the experience it self. Like living in the same house that Korean have lived and experienced what they have experienced before,giving more historical value into it.  

The word hanok may leading to assumption of a single unit of house but actually the traditional hanok consists of several separate building that huddled together with a wall encircling the entire cluster.

 Nowadays hanok are preserved in hanok villages, by preserving the elegance of the old korean with modern amenities solves the unconfortable bathroom and toilet issues >.<
There are so many options for traveller when choosing the hanok guesthouses, hotels, pensions,

Choseonwangga, one of royal residence hanok that build in 1807 can be considered as the comfortable renovated hanok you can choose during your stay to korea, this was using by korean royal family in the past, with beautiful pine tree that aged more than 500 years.

Here you can also enjoy various activities like making korean traditional soap, traditional lantern, korean traditional massage, bbq party, meeting, or even held a wedding party.
 The korean restaurant also serves healthy dishes made of medicinal herbs and also including the lotus leaf rice, bibimbab, and special chicken dish. The massage room offers special treatment that uses centuries old royal secrets.

And also not to mention the pleasant walking path behind the house with calming hangangtang river view to soothe your mind.

For reservation you can go directly to their website or here
Still have any reason not to choose hanok as your staying place??

Address : 339-10 Hyeonmun-ro, Yeoncheon-eup, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do Province
Tel : 031-834-8383

All picture were taken from cheoseonwangga royal residence website


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