The End of Summer Bash - Gapyeong (Petit France, Garden of Morning Calm, Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park, Marine Boy) and Yangpyeong (Semiwon, Dumulmeori)Trip 경기도 가평 양평 1박2일 여행 추천기

The last week of august and its means the seasons change is coming closer, to mark the end of summer, before the windy autumn coming, before the class starting again nothing more fun to marked the end of holiday than playing in the water.

For those whom already followed mine, must be already aware of my trip which i posted here. And for those who dont even know about it yet.. please stay with me until the end of the post.

I spend my weekend for 2D1N trip to Gapyeong [가평] and Yangpyeong [양평]. 1st night was spend for travelling from Seoul to The Garden of  Morning Calm[아침고요수목원], Petit France [쁘띠프랑스] and watersports at Gapyeong at the Marine Boy Waterpark and Resort [마린보이수상레저], while for the 2nd day we went to the Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park [에델바이스 스위스 테마파크], Semiwon [세미원] and Dumulmeori [두물머리]

Recommended Itinerary

Firstly opened at 1996 May, it was the oldest private garden in Korea. It was named by an the indian poet which describe Joseon Dynasty as the land of morning calm. Here every season had it own festivals throughout the year.
Spring: Spring Garden Festival 

Summer: Festival of Roses, Hydrangeas and Roses of Sharon 

Autumn: Festival of Chrysanthemums and Autumnal Tints 

Winter: Lighting Festival

This place appeared as the background for korean dramas scene 'You're Beautiful, Dong Hae, and Smile Again' and Infinity Challenge variety show. Korean national flower Mugunghwa or Rose of Sharons festival also held here during August every year. 

Chae Won [채원]

For lunch we went to the famous korean dubu and mandu jib, korean soybeancurd and dumpling house located near gapyeong,  it's not spicy and its also serve various kind of side dishes, 

Address : Gyeonggi-do, Gapyeong-gun, Sangmyeon Haenghyeon-ri 497-4

                 경기도 가평군 상명 행현리 497-4
Reservation : 031-858-0104

This French-themed village consist of 16 different French-style building where visitors can enjoy seeing the Saint-Exupery Memorial Hall which display the writing process of the little prince novel; Orgel House view the orgels collected from all European countries and enjoy the sound. France Traditional House Exhibition Hall; Antique Exhibition Hall, Marionette Dance performance; Puppet play; Plaster Art Exhibition where the visitors can create and paint by themselves.
This place appears in few variety show and drama like; My Love from the Star (2013), Secret Garden (2011), Personal Taste (2009), and Running Man. Here they also has its own in house guesthouse that can accommodate up to 200 visitors with 34 guest rooms that hold four to ten people each.

In this place the mural painting and paraphernalia decorated with illustration are adapted from the book and it gives romantic feeling in it. To add more fun to your trip, pick up a canvas fabric at the entrance when you purchase your ticket. Start collecting all hidden 10 different stamps all over the village, exchange it for 2 petite france postcards from the tourist information counter if you managed to collect all the stamps. I found all the 10 hidden stamps >.<

 From Petit France we went to next destination, the waterpark. It's located right beside the Cheongpyeong lake around 15 minutes from petite france, the most popular location for water sports among locals. Here you can tried blob jump, flying fish, pangpang, water-ski, jet-ski, knee- board and more. Its easily accessed from Seoul and you also can enjoy the night in pensions by the lakeside with an affordable price. 

Soon after we arrived at watersport platform and we get our lifejacket and get ready for the fun water experience.. and certainly my fave was the flying fish, i love flying!! i feel like a bird~~
If you are the adrenaline pumping mania you may want to try the blob jumb like what appeared in runningman. This lake location is lil bit far from the nearest convenience store so make sure you bring all the basic amenities before coming here. 

 For the dinner we had free flow bbq party, you can eat as much as you want by the lakeside everything taste nice and if you choose to stay in the pension the package also including the breakfast.  For staying 1 night in the pension + any 3 water sport + free blob jump + playing at  waterpark + free flow BBQ party + Breakfast will cost around 70000 krw 
 I also love the misty morning view at the lake side

Edelweiss Swiss Themepark [에델바이스  스위스 테마파크]
Edelweiss Park is a Swiss based cultural village at where the visitor get to know more food and cultural of Swiss. There are Switzerland architecture, museum, gallery, experience programs, trick art and also, enjoy the natural scenery. This is the shooting place for korean variety show We Got Married Global, also the honeymoon house of Taecyeon/GuiGui couple and Hongki/Fujimina couple. 
 write and hang your wishes or love lock here too
Here you also can make the korean pepero stick chocolate, make you own snowglobe >.< or making the cheese by yourself. They also prepared the swiss bear and swiss traditional dress to rent here so you can take a picture with the traditional swiss dress, aint it cute?
I personally love the fresh air, pretty designed building and its peacefullness here.

Song Jeong [송정]
2nd Day lunch at Yangpyeong in hanjeongsik restaurant, its korean formal meal, for more info about hanjeongsik you can refer to my previous post about it here
The japchae and the soup taste nice, but i dont like the fish, i love the soybean curd and lotus seed mix rice too >.<

Address: Gyeonggi-do, Yangpyeong-gun, Yangsomyeon Yangsu-ri 955
               경기도, 양편군, 양서면양수리 955번지
Reservation : 031-772-7377

Semiwon [세미원] and Dumulmeori [두물머리]
Finally i'm able here, have i mentioned that before when in the middle of holiday i was trapped in the traffic jam for almost 6 hours and full bladder when we are going to yangpyeong? and well in the end we find some intersection and turn away back to Seoul >.< 
So after those trip, i figure the best way to coming here is by Subway. Transfer to Jungang Line (중앙선) the jade green line, stop at Yangsu Station and walk or take taxi to here.
“Dumulmeori”, literally means “the head of two waters”, refers to the starting point of both Bukhangang River and the Namhangang River. It is a great place for a day-trip, since it is not very far from Seoul. During summer the lotus flower will bloom prettily and you also can try the various kind of lotus based food starting from shave ice, ice cream, hot dog, waffle, too bad i can't buy one because we are kind of hurried during that time. 
Saemiwon Garden 洗美苑 is one of the popular attractions  in Dumulmeori. Visitors are able to visit the beautiful water fountain made of Hagari (Korean jars), simbolize the korean family and korean woman. 

 Our guide during tour around semiwon and dumulmeori, he can speak english quite well ^^

Dumulmeori from semiwon connected by bridge made out of boats, continue walking and you will found the hugeeeee lotus field, the 400 years zelkova tree and the big frame with the river view, if you are Korean historical drama lover, don’t skip this place ^^

I upload short clip about my trip at my youtube channel, please kindly watch it~

This trip sponsored by Gyeonggi-do Tourism Organization however all opinion are mine ^^
all photos unless otherwise stated are taken by me. Any unauthorized use of photos is prohibited. None of these pictures may be reused in any form or by any means, without written permission. Please kindly write to me if you wish to reuse these photos.


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