Hanbok Photoshoot with One Day Hanbok

I love traditional thingies, I have few sets of Indonesian batik and kebaya, Chinese cheongsam, and baju bodo in my closets back home, I’m always overly excited when I can wear traditional costume, i wore hanbok for several times, like in Korean tourism organization office, kimchi making event and well it don’t fit me well because of my body height.

I’m quite thrilled when Sangjun from One day Hanbok contacted me last spring to tried their service for rent hanbok but since im so busy during that time .   I decided to try their service after I finished my exam and fall semester before my family arrived. I want to take our family picture in hanbok while my mother and brother in Korea. One day hanbok provide hanbok rental services as low as 4500 per hours  and the chance to roam the grounds of ancient Korean palace or anywhere you want during rental time for better immersion to Korean culture. Of course if you also can buy custom-made hanbok at gwangjang or dongdaemun market as souvenir from korea, but since my family will only wear it once it such a waste of money. Medium quality hanbok usually offered from 200.000 krw and of course you need to wait for few days too. Just simply rent it. 

They have wide variety of hanbok from ancient royal family like hanbok to daily modern hanbok with range of size selection from S to XXL. Compared to another hanbok rent or try-on place I have went, their hanbok quality are superior. 

In order to rent the hanboks you need to pay for the rentals and deposit. Deposit must be made with cash! So make sure you bring enough cash. You can choose either 30.000 krw with original document such as alien registration card or passport or 80.000 krw with the copy of document. You will get all your money once you returned the hanboks. You don’t need to pay any rental fee for accessories such as hair band, bag, and hair ribbon.

They don’t provides hair do and makeup so make sure you check youtube tutorial for to maximize your appearance. They also provide rubber bands, bobby pins, hair straightener and curler so its totally fine doing your hair there. 


Overall I love my hanbok session with one day hanbok, while we roamed around DDP some of locals and foreigners asked if they could take picture with us and complimented our hanbok. If you coming to korea and want some different experience i recommend this rental store. 

Its located in the middle of Seoul in chungmuro station exit 8 and its on the 3th floor of kia building. it’s only one or two subway station to the famous ancient spot like gyeongbokgung, changdeokgung, deoksugung, uhnyeongung palace, and bukcheon hanok village make it more convenient. check their website for more info about one day hanbok 

Have you ever tried hanbok before ? its fun? have another place that you would like to recommend for photoshots ?  make sure you left it at the comment section ^^ see ya 

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