As Every Hello Ends with a Goodbye..

Time always move forward, sometimes its going so slow and hurt but when you are not realized or even notice it went so fast. No matter how awful the hello was, the goodbye is always gonna be sad. Be it in a relationship, university life, or in my case my weekend travel activity. Two weeks ago marked the last of my official program as the Gyeonggi Tourism Board Student Ambassador, GG Supporters, I’m lucky enough to meet some awesome people from across the world through this program.

It felt weird actually, after this whole 6 months, travel around Korea with all of the members and managers here and there, all of those week-ly missions and after trip reviews, photo editing, blaa... blaaa... blaaaa... at first i felt bored, even thinking about stopping in the middle of the program due to several reasons and boom like a time machine it finished in a blink.

Frankly im still in the process of grasping the whole thing, and even i lost my way to the Gyeonggi Tourism in Suwon and ended in Pyeongtaek hahaha .
So that day for our closing ceremony i went to the area located at my naver maps which in Pyeongtaek which took me 2 hours 30 minutes. I feel weird why they did the closing ceremony in pyeongtaek instead of suwon but still so excited because it was snowing so heavily during that time and for the first time ever i can walk at the fresh thick untouched snow since i ever come to Korea.  

Those marked place even made me walk for 1 km, maybe because my sense of awareness was low during that time... Until....... taadaa Hyerim manager called me and ask my position and i asked why i cant see any building like what she send for us. She asked me to send my location and voila im lost... i felt like lost my whole energy, all of my exitement was gone... i’m cold, trembled, and alone,.  Its 1 hour 30minutes from suwon even if i go back i will still missed the ceremony, im kinda sad at that time, because i’ll lost my last chance to meet the members. Thanks to the navigation and no listed bus number.  Thanks God i can speak little Korean and people here in the countryside are sooo kind -Even the bus driver- i managed to go back to suwon after the whole 5 hours i spend from Incheon to Pyeongtaek.  

Hyerim manager kindly contact me several times and asked if i can come to suwon even though im late because she will wait for me. No matter how tiring it is well this is the last time i can meet her too why not?? So gave lil bit faith to my naver map again and made my way to the place.
Im so touched, at the moment i entered the room i found few of my friends still there and prepared for a surprised event for me, thanks guys. Sincerely honored, humbled to received the 1st place for this activity.
Thanks Gyeongi-do Tourism Organization for held this program, all of the managers for hearing my nags, and comments, my team, and all the members of GG Supporters 2015, thanks for this opportunity, for the warmth, and the memories. I will cherish it forever ;) Lpve ya GG supporters <333

Well it always tough to say goodbye, even its feels like we will never see each other again and every weekend will not be the same anymore without you guys.

As what the wise said Every meeting led to a parting, and so it would, as long as life was mortal. In every meeting there was some of the sorrow of parting, but in everything parting there was some of the joy of meeting as well.

Till we meet again~~

Group picture taken by jonathan, my picture taken by lynette

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