Creating Memories - Day trip to Avenue France, Gwangyeo Bridge Park and Cafe Street

Precious and Memories, two words that have long been synonymously co-existed. We tend to remember the bad more then the good one, but for me everytime i travel i want to make my trip as fun as possible (it not always good) but i tried to make every moment last as a good one.

We went to Suwon with the GTO team for our last trip, its only 4 of us me, Bernadette, Yuan Yuan, and William with S and 2 of our manager. We are lack in number but i think we enjoyed the trip and have so much fun! Not to mention the most superb delicious galbi too kkk
Thanks for the memorable fun trip guys!  

So after lunch at yeonpo galbi (read my prev post about yeonpo galbi here) we head out to Avenue France in Seongnam, it is 45 min from seoul line 2 by subway, less busy than major tourist shopping area but still offering the various trendy restaurant, clothing shops, and of course cafe street.
Various restaurant from the middle range to premium dining could be easily found here. For those who seeking the international taste without having to spend lot of money and of course avoiding  the Seoul traffic >.<

Not far from avenue france you can find the cafe street, its quite similar with pangyo cafe street, read my post here if you want to know about pangyo cafe street and im home cafe. the interior and exterior quite same with the pangyeo branch. 

And of course my fave park, Gwangyeo Lake Park.
The lake park actually consists of two big lake, Woncheon Lake and Sindae Lake. Around Woncheon lake you can enjoy various activities and amenities such as rock climbing and swimming. Gwangyeo also famous for its mysterious moolnermi or mysterious fountains which sprouts water from the ground and every side of walls, usually it operates between 10.00-17.00.
I recommend to visit this park after sunset as the sky darken, the bridges and sidewalks at gwangyeo lake park will light up with four different colors create the nice ambience as you walk through the lake. The fabulous lights on the bridges, the nightscape views of Suwon, and light reflection on the lake create the gorgeous scene. 

This trip sponsored by Gyeonggi-do Tourism Organization however all opinion are mine ^^

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