James Cheese Back Ribs - Hongdae Branch 제임스 치즈 등갈비

Grilled back ribs might sound familiar but have you ever imagined having it with cheese and corn?
Then here at korea you can try this dish, the succulent pork ribs meet with the melting cheese and corn... Yumm~~~

This trend actually started in 2014 and now you can find their branch all over korea.

 The ribs glazed in the sweet spicy sauce, you can choose the level of spiciness and the amount of the cheese in the platter. egg, corn, potato, and sweet potato also will be serves as side dish. dont forget too order rice for pan fried rice if you want to enjoy it like natives. 
watch this for more detailed view of the goooeyyyy cheesee 

Overall i like the tender, flavourfull, juicy galbi with or without cheese.. 
have you ever tried this dish before?
what do you like better with or without cheese? 

click here for direction to James's Hongdae Branch 

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  1. Hello... I see the menu is all written in Korean. Do they know English ? Which one refer to the backribs ?

    1. Hello ,
      if you want the pork backribs you can order 제임스 치즈 등갈비 - james chijeu deung galbi
      you need to order min 2 portion
      They do speak english, they even have the international version including english and chinese of the menu too if you ask them.

  2. Hello there. I tried the james cheese back ribs in hondea 15 days ago. It is so amazing. I want to open a james'brand restaurant in Vietnam. What should I do next?
    Thank you