Room Escape Cafe - The Must Try Experience Game

 Another trends that hit korean cafe business is room escape cafe. The cafe concept is making the real-life version of the room escaping game based on the korean reality show "The Code: Secret Room" which is aired since January 2016.

Here every costumers will leads to the rooms blindfolded then look will be ticks behind you. During  hour you need to decipher the main code by solving the hidden puzzles, clues, and riddles that scattered throughout the room. No need to worry because this game is actually a foreigner friendly, so far no korean words given. Only signs, english words, and number.  There are 3 hints available to help you but unfortunately the hint will be given in korean. 

I went to this type of cafe 2 times and managed to get out (yeeey) you are not allowed to take a photograph of the room and all of the belongings must be put in the locker before entering the room. So if you want to search fun entertainment cafe while you are in seoul, This is the one you might want to try. Just make sure you do the reservation beforehand to avoid the long waiting time at there due to the cafe popularity. 

Here is the few links of the room escape concept cafe 
6. Open the Door

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