Florte Flower Bar Cafe, Seoul Hongdae 플로르떼 꽃 카페-서울 홍대

The rapid growth of korean cafes not only shown the size of cafe bussiness , but also indicates their affection and passion towards creating their own concept cafe.

The owner of FLORTE come up with the idea to use flower to decorate the whole cafe. As a flower fan i super love this place, nice ambience, cozy place, and all the flowers were nicely arranged, reflected the owner passion and love towards it. 

She even made the crowns and bouquets for the customer to use as a prop while enjoying a sip of tea. 

 They had various kind of beverages even pretty coctails too but they kind of lack for food menu selection and you can only choose between panini or sandwich. The price is pretty average almost all the menu ranging from 5000 krw to 8000. 

 The food that i order suprisingly exceed my expectation, because for most of the time "pretty food dont means eat-able food", i dont expect for a starbucks like frapucinnos or panini's at specialized brunch cafe since the atmosphere is the first reason why i coming here. But hey they did a good job, i love the vanilla blend and the royal milk tea. 

and of course this is absolutely place to take an instagram-able pic, you might want to check their   instagram too for more updates about the cafe, because they usually redecorate the cafe with fresh flowers deco.

For direction to the cafe click here

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