Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint and Nars Radiance Concealer Review - 나스 매트 벨벳 스킨 틴트 & 나스 컨실러 후기

안뇽하세여 미니입나덩
지난주 파우더룸에서 받은 체험할 상품은 바로 나스 벨벳 매트 스킨 틴트와 컨실러 파우더룸에서  당점인데 너무 감사하고 기뻤습니다~~

Last week i got a sample product for testing from Korean beauty community, powderroom which were consist of the foundation and concealer from nars. Im not a big foundation wearer on a daily basis, usually I use cc cream or bb cushion which I already post here before.
저회 받은 색상은스킨 틴트 –  테레누브 (라이트 1)
I got shade 0 Terre neuve for the foundation 
컨실러는 바닐라 (라이트 2) 색상은 저 보자마자  나스 언니가 골라주는거거든용~ 
 평소 21 쿠션  써는데 이거랑  맞네요학교 다닐떄 자연스럽고 내추럴 메이크업이 되고 싶음 이게 좋을것 같아요
and for concealer i got shade 2 in vanilla. All the shade were chosen by the SA at the nars counter when i pick up the sample kit, usually i use shade 21 for cushion so im quite surprise when it match my skin tone >.<
색상의 범의가 넓어서 직접 매장에서 비교 하기 좋아요

바르기 전~~ 내 생얼 히이잉 좀 그래요 ㅠㅠ
이름처럼 바르자마자 보송 보송하게 편바려요 벨벳이라니 정말  어울려요

컨실러는 메이크업 저한테는 재빛 그리고 다크닝 절대 없고 완전  돼요
1번만 바르고 커버력이 넘 좋아요 <333
rather than the matte foundation i like the concealer, its so natural, no darkening, no patchy, and its cover my acne scar in only with one application supa love it
딱히 건저하다는 느낌이 없지만 저희 피부타입이 건성하고 각질과 요철이 심한편이고 여드름 흉터도  있어서 파운데이션보다 컨실러가 좋아요
파운데이션은 여름할 떄나 지성이 분들에게 추춘해드려요
저같은 커버를 필요하신분들에게 컨실러 추춘해드려요
Nars Velvet matte tint promise to deliver soft matte perfection, blur the appearance of pores and lines, and even out the skin tone. Along with the concealer it make the smooth skin appearance for the daily basis. Actually I’ll choose dewy over matte because I always feel matte finish will make my already-dry skin drier since they tend to settle into the pores and lines make it looks cakey, heavy, and make me look older. Thanksfully rather than settle into the pores it did a good job on blurring my pores but still emphasizes flaky spot on my chin area. Make sure you exfoliate your skin well before using this. The coverage can be buildable to medium, what a wow because most of tinted moisturizer or foundation provides light coverage.
I like the concealer better than the foundation itself due to my skin condition, so if you searching for the coverage and having a dry skin type like me, I highly  recommend the concealer. But for the oily type skin or during summer nars skin tint is the one you might want to try ^^
이렇게 하고 짠~~ 역시 여자한테 머리카락은 중요하쥥 ㅋㅋ

even after 10 hours without touchup or blotting it stay put and nice, well i have a dry skin so after 6 hours it start to showing some dry patch in the chin area but its not too obvious unless you see it in supa close . it must be good for use in the humid hot area like my country teehee

Have a nice day~ 
오늘도 좋은 하루 되세용

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