Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival - 진해 벚꽃죽체

Yaay for spring~~
Sakura or Cherry Blossoms, the enchated silvery pinky glow will sweeps its way all around the country during spring. Could be anything more romantic then the the falling of pink petals as the wind blows?

Its seasons that everyone looks forward to especially after the long, cold winter season. In korea, the biggest cherry blossom festival is in Jinhae, actually you can enjoy the annual pink flower almost at every district in korea but why in Jinhae?

Jinhae is small town in the Gyeongsangnam Province, which is known as a naval town. Here, almost all part of the town were planted with cherry trees and every year around 350.000 trees will be transformed into the pink white blushy covered trees. Jinhae also known for the biggest concentrated area for cherry blossom plantation site.

Jinhae located in the southern  part of Korea,   its more warmer than another part of Korea so they blomming sooner than another part, usually around the last week of March to early April. But sometimes it quite unpredictable like this year. Almost all flower blooms sooner than last year due to the global warming so make sure you check your arrival time and latest news.

From Seoul you can take various transportation methods to reach Jinhae.
1. By bus directly  to Jinhae from Nambu Bus Terminal 남부 버스 터미널, cost around 26100-28000
2. Express Bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Seoul Gosok Bus Terminal/ 고속 버스 터미널) to Masan Express Bus Terminal. regular express one will cost around 27000 for 1 trip and the luxury bus 31000.
3. By Train (Mugunghwa) from Yongsan Terminal to Masan or Changwon around 39000 (depends on time)
4. By KTX to Masan Station the fastest and most expensive around 49000-53000 for one way trip.

I personally like using  우등 luxury type. because its more spacious and comfortable during the travel period.
Make sure you bought the round trip tickets because during the festival all the ticket and hotel usually full booked.

Recommended Course at Jinhae 
1.Jinhae Intercity Bus Terminal (진해시외버스터미널) - Yojwacheon Romance Bridge (여좌천로망스다리) - Gyeonghwa Station (경화역) 
Take bus number 760, 160, 150, 751 from Inueidongjongjom bus station (인의동종점) to yojwacheon and bus number 307, 315, 315-1, 315-2, 315-3 to Gyeonghwa station, click here for details of the bus stations.

2. Masan Station (KTX, Train) - Gyeonghwa Station (경화역) - Yojwacheon Romance Bridge (여좌천로망스다리)
Take bus number 760, 160, 150, 751 to yojwacheon and bus number 1000, 60, 61, 62,67 to Sanho-dong Yongmasan Ju Yu So Station (산호동 용마산주유소) and from there take bus number 164 to Gyeonghwa Station. From Gyeonghwa to Yojwacheon if you are traveling more than 2 person taxi is better since its only cost 3500 won to Yojwacheon. During heavy traffic if you are a budget traveller you can use bus number 307, 315, 315-1, 315-2,315-3. click here for the bus station details

Actually by visiting 2 of those place spend the whole time that i had, but if you plan to stay one night here another place that you might want to check  while you are in Jinhae

Jinhae Naval Academy Museum
Jangboksan Sculpture Park 
Jewhasan Park
Jinhae Eco Park 
Anmingogae Hill 

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