Worldwide Instameet - Life on Earth 13 Seoul

I think all of you must already familiar with instameet right?
Its like gathering of people that coming together to connect, explore and for me its like meeting people that i only knew from their instagram in reality.

Simon the admin of ig_korea, coming back to Korea from Sheffield and he kindly hosted it for us. The instameet 13 falls on the 22th - the earth day, so we decided to spend the weekend at seoul forest in bundang area.
My previous experience was quite nice but i dont manage to take a lot of picture that time because the participant is quite lot more than 50 person and i only manage several people that i meet that day.

group picture taken by @thinkj2, @heeyoung_c, and @daannyyng

I think instameet is a good opportunity to get together, get know to new talents that you might not know before. If my previous experience was fun this one is superb! i get a chance to know every single person that coming that day!

Lastly special thanks to the eo of the day - Simon
for the efforts to take the group picture - John
and thanks all the laughter, fun and wonderful moments - tommy, ed, danny, steven, vlad, woojin, heeyeong,winona, jichul,  haein, jane daddy and lil jane  nice to know you all~

you might waqnt to check their instagram too they captured the super nice pic ^^

click here for direction to seoul forest

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