CaFace - Selfie Latte Cafe Hongdae - Get ur Selfie on ur Latte!

Korean Cafe games are surely strong huh? 
when i first time saw my friend selfie printed in the whipped cream i was like.. oh  really?

i thought it must be only for the cafe latte only but when i went there and asked what kind of drink that they  printed in the drink they said everything with whipped cream can be made.. even my fave greentea latte. You need to pay 2200 extra surcharge for the face print.

The selca picture will be taken with the phone in the photobooth so you can express urself without being awkward 
compared to the cute latte at see-through cafe that i have posted here, this one is more easier to  destroyed and quite runny  even the small bend of the paper cup can easily ruin ur face kkk
The green tea latte suit my taste but well and the cream consistency not too thick so you can still mix it with the latte without make it too creamy.

Another dish that i ordered that day, bird nest ice cream waffle, its not something that make me want to come to hongdae for another waffle, but i like the green tea maybe not without my face print next time kkk.

Anyway if its your first time coming here to korea, why not? click here for direction to caface

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