Contoyner Hongdae Toy Cafe - 홍대 카페 컨토이너 트와이스 연예가중계 촬령장소

I was wondering around hongdae and near sangsu station when i accidentally found this lil cute cafe. The unusual name - Con-Toy-Ner did made me curious as to what this cafe offers.

 Stepping to this cafe is like stepping to the kiddie wonderland like  toy R us or toy museum where they display a various collection of animation doll, japanese manga figurin, quite similar to cafe oz which i already posted here, but this one is more general not only limited to one peace or one types of anime collections

Compared to another cafe it dont have any desserts, cakes,or light bites menu but they have huge selection of beverages from juice to coctails and beers.

After so many people coming back and forth from the upstairs i decided to go too which i found out later as the place used  for the korean variety show setting place 트와이스 연예가중계 (weekly entertainment which was starring 'twice' (트와이스) the korean girls group.

check the video here

The solid pink and blue with lot of properties made it good place for photoshot

if you are strolling around hongdae and sangsu area, twice fan, or just want to go to cafes that good for taking pictures this is the place that you might want to visit.

click here for the direction to the cafe~
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