Boseong Greentea Plantation - 보성 녹차밭

Im not a coffee drinker, either a chocolate fan, but surely a green tea fan. This is the main reason why Boseong green tea plantation has been on my bucket list to visit since last year. Actually Indonesia also have big green tea plantation and of course its pretty too, but while i'm here in Korea why not? 
Boseong is the city located in the South west side of Korea, in Jonla Province. It takes 4 hours from seoul by bus from Nambu Bus Terminal to Gwangju and take another bus to Boseong, using train (mugunghwa or saemaul) for around 4 hours to boseong  or you can take KTX the more faster one directly to Boseong for 2 hours. I went there with tour agency which cost me around 30000 krw for round bus trip and including entrace fee too what a deal right???\

 There are few of green tea fields in Boseong but the biggest and most famous one is Daehan  Dawon Greentea Plantation (보성 대한다원 녹차밭) which is planted when Japan occupied Korea, and in 1957 it was bought and transformed into beautiful picturesque greentea production center by Korean Bussinessman.

 I was excited to eat most of food with green tea but since im travelling alone green tea rice cake, green tea ice cream and green tea churros was choosen. Sadly the green tea rice cake not tasted as much as i expected and the churros was too dry for me. But i recommend the green tea smoothies and latte nice and quite cheap compared to seoul or incheon

they also sell varieties of food and snacks made out of greentea, i bought the green tea chocolate and sandwich both are yummy they also make jellies, rice and traditional cookies out of green tea too... 

have you ever came here? if you coming to jonla province, this place is surely the place that you dont want to miss

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  1. Hi!
    Would you mind sharing the tour agency name? I'm interested to book a package for a visit in late July.
    Thanks so much!! :)

    1. Hii~~
      I went there with korean tour agency here's the link for the tour package and details of it
      it was written in korean just let me know if there are something that you need

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