Guldari Sikdang a Place for Hearty Korean Dish - 굴다리식당 마포구 서울

Kimchi (김치) the most common sidedish and maybe known as one of Korean trademark. Kimchi is a korean fermented dish which made out of  various ingredients, common one is napa cabbage but actually they can made kimchi out of raw octopus, cuttlefish, chicken, pork, almost everything. Usually korean people made it during winter seasons in the huge amount sufficient for the whole year. Every korean household had their own way to make their's. As the kimchi gets old, it becomes an excellent ingredients for making the Korean most stapple food Kimchi Jjigae (김치찌개).Kimchi Jjigae, kimchi soup, kimchi stew, whatever the name is all of it refers to the bubbling, red hot cauldrom of soup (if you are korean; soul comforting dish) made out of kimchi, pork, and tofu and when it paired with bowl of hot rice it will be enough to keep you warm without any other sidedish. 

Because its not the taste that suit the foreigner tongue, its quite rare for a natives to introduce this dish compared to the korean bbq or bulgogi. If you coming to Korea and want to try the authentic korean comfort food, kimchi soup is the one that you might want to try.
The restaurant called Guldari sikdang,is in the top 3 Korean Kimchi Jjigae restaurant in Seoul. Its served only two hearthy dishes that define as soul comforting dish for more than 40 years old; Kimchi Jjigae and Jeyuk Bokkeum. The soup will costs  7000 krw and 10000 for the thick fatty strips of jaeyuk bokkeum, and of course seasoned fish and omellete rolls (gyeranmari) as a completer.

The unique one here compared to the previous kimchi jjigae this one obviously had a super thick chunk of  pork belly the biggest strip that i ever found in soup! its also less sour, the broth is full of flavor and quite transparent because  of the overly ripe kimchi used in the soup. 

 Another dish is jeyuk bokkeum (재육볶음) or spicy stir fried pork, this one also serve with the thick chunk of tender pork meat, the huge pieces of fat and meat is quite excessive compared to the ordinary thin sliced pork come with jeyuk bokkeum. Its well marinated and no pork-y kind of aftertaste in it.
Anyways when it was all done and you still have enough room to fill just said  이모 더 주세요~~ (yi mo do juseyoo~~) because here you can eat as much as you tummy-want, another plus huh?

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